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Thursday, May 2, 2024

Crime poster ~ Police releasing e-fit of accused burglar ~~!!

A few days back, a  38 year old woman from Chennai lost her life in a blast in Bangalore.  Now it is reported that Investigators have zeroed in on some terror groups and  sketches of suspects have been drawn.  The ACP is quoted as saying that they would be matching the sketches with the suspect list.  Many a times, the Police would make posters of the suspects based on the sketches too – and a CCTV camera would make that job of providing a face to the suspect, lot easier.  For making a sketch, defined impression of traits would help – say the shape of the face, the cut of the hair, the colour of eyes, the chin, the way nose or ear looked, physical description including the height, shoulders and more. 

Researchers are identifying genes that give rise to a person's physical traits, such as facial structure, skin colour or even whether they are right- or left-handed. That could allow police to build a picture of what a criminal looks like not just from sometimes-fuzzy eyewitness accounts, but by analyzing DNA found at a crime scene. Forensic experts are increasingly relying on DNA as "a genetic eyewitness."  The push to predict physical features from genetic material is known as DNA forensic phenotyping.

Cinema often portrays things that are unlikely to happen or what normal persons would not do ~ but that is what tickles people into laughter.  Vadivelu in  Nagaram, a film directed by Sundar C ~ rocked as Style Pandi, a character indulging in thefts rocks.  This reportedly was based on the 1993 American movie Carlito's Way. In one scene, Vadivelu would enter an empty house for burgling the contents, when the lights gets switched on, there would be hundreds of police cops; later he would be taken in a waiting police vehicle – and cops would give extra blow for a poster. Yes, a poster – poster put up by his disciples,  hailing his 100th robbery – pasted everywhere in the town – and on the police vehicle too…….. 

Elsewhere in Derbyshire, Police  have  released 'e-fit' drawn by three-year-old - and somehow he's still at large  !!!  A three-year-old girl whose home was broken into while she slept upstairs has drawn a picture of a burglar to help police hunt him down.  Detectives told little Evelyn Bardgett, from Ilkeston, Derbyshire, her sketch 'would make a good e-fit' as they took statements from parents Stephen, 36 and Lucy, 31.

Cruel burglars used a spade from the garden shed to force open a kitchen window and get inside the home. They stole an iPad and Mr Bardgett's wallet. Evelyn drew the picture to help police catch burglars who broke into her house as she and her parents slept. Police confirmed the raid was one of five homes,  targetted by the same gang overnight between Monday and Tuesday in the past week.  Mr Bardgett, a self-employed floor layer, said: 'The worst thing is knowing that someone has been in your house and searching around while you were asleep upstairs.

It is reported that the culprits were there on the premises for at least two hours and scenes-of-crime officers and CID came too. Derbyshire Police said cash, jewellery, laptops and mountain bikes were stolen from other properties in the same area in the spate of burglaries between Monday night and Tuesday morning.

~ and Police are after the culprit, trying to pick up clues from the e-fit drawn by the 3 year old !!
With regards – S. Sampathkumar

2nd Feb 2015.

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