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Sunday, May 12, 2024

Obstructing the field and . .. .. Simarjeet - who !?


Obstruction : means   to block or close up by an obstacle.  Its synonyms are : block, hinder, and impede.


Back in 2021, Mumbai Indians drafted in a  Delhi seamer as a replacement for the injured Arjun Tendulkar in the  UAE leg of the IPL.  The 23-year old  started training with the squad after completing the mandatory quarantine. Some time alter, he   also travelled with the India white-ball squad to Sri Lanka as a net bowler.   During the 2020-21 50-over Vijay Hazare Trophy, he emerged as Delhi's joint-second-highest wicket-taker, with 11 strikes at an economy rate of 5.65.  No prize for guessing, he was the star for CSK in today’s match - Simarjeet Singh 

Today at Chepauk, Chennai Super Kings signed off their home league campaign with a win, giving themselves a decent chance of coming back to Chennai for the last two playoff games. Despite losing their 11th toss out of 13 and being asked to field in the afternoon heat 40 hours after finishing their last match in Ahmedabad, the CSK bowlers used a slow pitch expertly to keep Rajasthan Royals down to 141, which they chased down with relative ease. 

The win  has taken  CSK up to 14 points from 13 matches, level with Sunrisers Hyderabad who have a game in hand, and two points clear of the nearest challengers outside the top four. Rajasthan Royals suffered their third straight defeat, which will be a cause for concern for them going into the playoffs, especially with Jos Buttler not expected to be available for the final week. 

One moot point for discussion today could well be the way Ravindra Jadeja was given out – ‘Out Obstructing the field’.   Jadeja was running towards the non-striker when keeper Sanju Samson collected the ball and tried a throw at the stumps, he could see only Jadeja and the ball hit him in the back.  On appeal, Third Umpire ruled that Jadeja has seen where the ball is when turning around and has run in the line between Samson and the stumps. He  ruled  that Jadeja has done that "wilfully", which is the critical part of the law.


The decision was not very relevant or a game changer as CSK only  needed 21 off 25, Ruturaj was still there – and did not change the course or result of the match.  Jadeja had played to third man and wanted a single, but was sent back by Gaikwad; Samson fired it to the non-striker end and found Sir Jadeja in between.   Jadeja's turn had quite a sizeable radius,  the third umpire reckoned that  Jadeja knew where the ball was, and that he turned into the line of the throw.

'Out'  was the verdict, and Jadeja had to go – he was not happy though !!   37.1 of Cricket Laws defines   ‘Out obstructing the field’ 

37.1.1 Either batter is out Obstructing the field if, except in the circumstances of 37.2, and while the ball is in play, he/she wilfully attempts to obstruct or distract the fielding side by word or action.

37.1.2 The striker is out Obstructing the field if, except in the circumstances of 37.2, in the act of receiving a ball delivered by the bowler, he/she wilfully strikes the ball with a hand not holding the bat.

37.2 Not out Obstructing the field

A batter shall not be out Obstructing the field if the obstruction or distraction is accidental, or the obstruction is in order to avoid injury, or in the case of the striker, he/she makes a second or subsequent strike to guard his/her wicket lawfully as in Law 34.3 (Ball lawfully struck more than once). 

There is much more to his Law and the  bowler does not get credit for the wicket.
Interesting !
With regards – S Sampathkumar

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