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Sunday, November 6, 2022

SA chokes again - Ackermann is the hero !!

 Today there are 3 matches in ICC T20WC – and one can be forgiven for not following the first match at Adelaide – of little interest, consequence ! one thought and most of us may not readily recognize this Cricketer ! who is the player of a sensational match 

In computability theory, the Ackermann function, named after Wilhelm Ackermann, is one of the simplest !  and earliest-discovered examples of a total computable function that is not primitive recursive. All primitive recursive functions are total and computable, but the Ackermann function illustrates that not all total computable functions are primitive recursive. After Ackermann's publication of his function (which had three nonnegative integer arguments), many authors modified it to suit various purposes, so that today "the Ackermann function" may refer to any of numerous variants of the original function. 

Wilhelm Friedrich Ackermann   was a German mathematician and logician best known for his work in mathematical logic  and the Ackermann function, an important example in the theory of computation.


Then there was another - Rudolph Ackermann  an Anglo-German bookseller, inventor, lithographer, publisher and businessman.  The Ackermann steering geometry is a geometric arrangement of linkages in the steering of a car or other vehicle designed to solve the problem of wheels on the inside and outside of a turn needing to trace out circles of different radii.  It was invented by the German carriage builder Georg Lankensperger in Munich in 1817, then patented by his agent in England, Rudolph Ackermann (1764–1834) in 1818 for horse-drawn carriages. Erasmus Darwin may have a prior claim as the inventor dating from 1758. He devised his steering system because he was injured when a carriage tipped over.  

The hero of the day is -  Colin Ackermann .. ..  having relinquished his South African qualification to sign a contract with Leicestershire, taking advantage of an EU passport, Colin Ackermann was part of the late-2010s exodus that rocked cricket in his home country. Although less heralded at the time, Ackermann was a former South Africa U-19 who had topped the Sunfoil averages in 2016-17, and might have been in contention for a Test call-up had he not taken the well-trodden English county route. His returns in county cricket were mostly solid rather than spectacular, and when he did grab the headlines it was with his occasional offspin - figures of 7 for 18 in a T20 Blast game against Birmingham Bears making him the first man to take a seven-wicket haul in the format. He captained the T20 team in his first season at Leicestershire.  

Now read the details of 40th Match, Group 2, Adelaide, - SA beaten and nosedived out of the tournament with a loss to Nederlands !!   

History is made: Netherlands beat South Africa for the first time across any format, and could there have been a better occasion? South Africa's NRR falls below Pakistan's, which means they are officially knocked out. What a game of cricket: South Africa's loss ensures India are through to the semi-final, and keeps the door open for Pakistan and Bangladesh.  

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
6.11.2022 @ 9 am.

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