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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

the story of the man who won 5 crores in Kaun Banega Crorepati !!

Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu, popularly known by its abbreviation MEK or simply Koteeswarudu, is a game show presented in Telugu produced by BIG Synergy which is the official adaptation of the internationally acclaimed Hindi game show Kaun Banega Crorepati.   The first season of this game show was hosted by Telugu actor Nagarjuna.  As one would recall, ‘Naan ready – Neenga Readiya ?” – was the poser to audience by Sarathkumar – in  the show “Koteeswaran”  in Sun TV on the lines of ‘Kaun Banega Crorepathi’  [KBC].  KBC anchored by Amitabh Bachan  took the viewers by storm;  those days the advt rates for KBC  were stated to be  around Rs 3.5 lakh for 10 seconds. 

Q 3: With which part of a computer is the advertising slogan “Intel Inside” associated?     OPTIONS : a) BIOS; b) RAM ; c) USB; d) Processor
Q 6. Mohammad  Gaddafi was the ruler of which country from 1969 to 2011?
OPTIONS: a) Libya; b)Tunisia; c)Sudan; d)Egypt.
Q 9: After Sachin Tendulkar which Indian Batsmen has scored the most number of runs in Test Cricket? OPTIONS : a) Sunil Gacaskar; b)Rahul Dravid; c)Md Azharuddin; d)VVS Laxman
Q 11: According to Hindu mythology, Who among these was the daughter of an 'apsara' and 'rishi'? OPTIONS: a) Devaki; b)Rukmani; c)Shakuntala; d)Ganga
Q 13: Which Colonial power ended its involvement in India by selling the rights of the Nicobar Islands to the British on October 16, 1868?
OPTIONS: =a) Belgium; b)Italy; c)Denmark; d) France

Answering all  the above correctly, showered riches on Sushil Kumar,  that was in the 5th season of  game show "Kaun Banega Crorepati";  Sushil Kumar from Bihar  won the mega prize of Rs.5 crore.  The  episodes showed the participant’s background, their homes, their locality often portraying their simplicity.  Sushil Kumar, was a  computer operator and tutor whose earning were a meagre Rs.6,000 per month.

Questions would look simple and answers too easily known when you see and judge them from outside… that is more because your failures are not counted and your answers are not valued… attach some value of gain or a loss to your decision then most men would fumble often on very ordinary Qs, answers to which most people would claim to know.   That way, there should have been  pulsating excitement on the set and the expectations on air at the venue for the crew and spectators should have been unimaginable.  It is the highest prize money ever  in the history of Indian television.  The reports stated that Sushil took more than long time in deciding on going for the last Q after crossing the 1 crore mark.  The defensive mindset would have forced ordinary mortals to walk away with the crore prize money; he eventually decided to go for it and after he answered and results were known, the  entire place just exploded.

The family of Sushil Kumar, the contestant, not prone to any kind of public jubilation ran on to the floor of the set in uncontrollable joy and screamed in  happiness, whilst the live audience were whooping it up on their feet with the loudest scream.  The episode, featuring Sushil  Kumar's win, was telecast in Nov. 2011. A recent report in states that after 5 years, Sushil Kumar is ‘cashless’ hinting that Income tax is too harsh.  The report puts that -
“The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax.”  Quoted by the great Albert Einstein.  We believe this line holds good for Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) season five winner Sushil Kumar. Sushil Kumar the winner of KBC Season 5 who ended  up winning a whopping 5 crores at the popular television reality show telecast on Sony TV in 2011, but now claims to be cashless .

He could only get INR 3.6 crore out of the 5 crore prize amount.  That was  the first reality check that hit him hard.  The winner is quoted as saying - “Much of the money was spent in building a house which I share with my parents and four brothers. I have also purchased a plot of land in Motihari in the name of my mother and some agricultural land. Another chunk of it was spent on setting up businesses for his brothers”, he said in a conversation with Hindustan Times.

Kumar was an computer operator earning INR 6000 rupees in Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act before he won in KBC in 2011. After 5 years, his life has come full circle and now he wants to be a School Teacher.  He says with regret that  he did get some endorsement offers after winning the KBC, but nothing  materialized  and he even met Bihar CM Nitish Kumar and wished to join politics, but nothing worked out in his favour.  [ ]
Not sure of what palace he built ~ Rs.2 crore put in a Fixed deposit scheme would earn interest @ 9% the least, which would work out to Rs.18 lakhs – which again after tax would still fetch more than a lakh per month with capital intact.  If somebody who was earning Rs.6000 p.m. blames life  -  you know what is to be told !!

With regards
S. Sampathkumar.

10th Mar 2015.

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