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Friday, June 3, 2022

Birthday - Uniforms - Triplicane school life

How do you celebrate birthday these days ?  - sweets, shopping and of course new dresses.  Birth is not in one’s hands ! – yet one small reason when May / June borns had a slight regret – in good old days (4 or 5 decades ago) – Birthday dress would be uniform ! 

In mid 1970s – the most popular textile showroom was the spacious Popular Textiles in Pycrofts road(now Barathiyar salai) – and opposite to that was Dress Paradise where I remember buying kakhi drawer  and white shirts (Terry cotton !!) and attending first day of school in new uniform. 

Met Mr AS Rao, 84 owner of Dress Paradise in a function at Triplicane this morning.  The brisk entrepreneur said, his shop is 54 years old and the shop has seen 3 generations ! 

Regards to him   - memories of uniform and first day school flooded.  Sooner SYMA would be providing 1200 (or more) sets of uniforms to school children. 

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