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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

talented horsewoman kills herself hours after her beloved mare was put to sleep !!!

The human-animal bond is nothing new and dates back to medieval periods.  The bonding  includes emotional, psychological, and physical interactions of people, animals, and the environment.  The early morning walking in Marina beach, offers sight of so many birds and animals. There are different breeds of pet dogs ~ it is another matter that the otherwise well behaved pets drop their waste in the middle of walking path ! – there are many local dogs too – some kept fondly by men who sleep on the pavement and have no place for themselves.  There are many instances of people remaining attached to their pet animals throughout their life and animals remaining loyal to their masters, not limited to dogs !!

‘Nalla Neram’ released in 1972, a MGR starrer alongside KR Vijaya was directed by M.A. Thirumugam was a remake of  Hindi film Haathi Mere Saathi by Rajesh Khanna.  It was about Raju's choice between love (his wife) and friendship (his loyal and devoted pet elephants).  The bondage between elephant and man was the theme in many other movies like ‘Ram Lakhsnam’; Annai Or Aalayam and more.  Bandhan Saari Umar Humein Sang Rehna Hai",  is a  primetime offering by Zee TV,  depicting unique bond between a little girl and an elephant calf whom she accepts as her younger brother.  Produced by Swastik Productions, the show set in jungle,  is described as "a heartwarming story of a very tender relationship between two innocent souls - one based on the most basic emotion of love and affection for one's sibling, standing by each other through thick and thin and completing each other".

Residents of Triplicane will ever remember the great majestic beautiful tusker named “Azhwar” about whom I have posted in detail earlier. Azhwan was one who probably never misbehaved. This affable elephant trained to perform Temple rituals, was a favourite amongst children and grown up. I have spent hours standing and watching its activities. The feeding of the elephant was a much watched event. The passing away of affable Azhwar in 1977  was indeed a very sad event. Triplicanites  wept and thousands thronged to pay floral homage.  Thousands accompanied the funeral cart – when it was taken in a lorry and buried at NKT Girls High school.  Then there was the temple at Thirukachi DEvaperumal sannathi ~ a person by name Azhwan was so attached to it.  Once we travelled from Triplicane to Kanchipuram – the elephant literally jumped in joy on seeing him at a distance,  as they cuddled and physically embraced each other. 

Away from all this, read this sad story of a talented horsewoman killing herself hours after her beloved mare was put to sleep !!   Stephanie Lees, 42, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, was found clutching a lock of her horse's mane after taking her own life when the animal had to be put down.  The equestrian had devoted ten years to caring for her horse Jake, who she rode in the fields and lanes around her rural village, and had become even more attached to him when her other horse, Elliot, died three years ago.

MailOnline reports that Stephanie Lees, 42, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, was found clutching a lock of her horse's mane after taking her own life when the animal had to be put down following illness in November last year, inquest told.   The horse Jake  lame for a few months, had to be put to sleep in November last year, due to an illness called colic, which manifested following an operation on its leg.  Ms Lees – a chartered surveyor for Barnsley Council - was unable to cope with the animal's death and took her own life just hours after the horse was put down.

Ms Lees, who was single and had no children, had been unable to ride Jake for more than a year due to his ill health and had struggled to cope as she watched the animal deteriorate. At an inquest into her death in Sheffield now,  her friend Jane Taylor told of her utter shock at finding her on Remembrance Day last November. The inquest heard how Ms Taylor 'knew Steph was dead' after touching her shoulders and the pair called the emergency services.

Ms Lees, a chartered surveyor  was single, became even more attached to Jake when her other horse Elliot  died three years ago. Another close friend of Ms Lees, Joanne Weatherall, said: 'Stephanie remained with Jake right up until the point the vet administered the injection. She was very upset.'  Police officer Stephen Taylor, from South Yorkshire Police, told the hearing that following the equestrian's body being found, a search of her house uncovered a note. He said: 'It was basically saying that she lived for her horses and because the horse had been put to sleep she couldn't cope anymore.  According to the coroner, 'It was concluded that sadly Jake needed to be put down. Steph was not able to watch Jake die and was clearly very, very distressed when that took place.

It reported that it is  an extremely unexpected event, this lady was very talented and capable and barely in the prime of her life.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

31st Mar 2015.

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