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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Covid 19 ~ TN Govt response .. social distancing and more !

Often we hear comments that disease and all other ailments are present in cities and not in villages.  Though a point of view, perhaps not right.  In olden times, the Nation’s economy was  predominantly agrarian, and even those days rural poor subsisted with semi-starved condition.   Stagnant agricultural productivity and a stable land base were unable to cope with a rapidly increasing population, resulting in both long-term decline in per capita availability of rice and growing numbers of the land-poor or landless labourers. In between there were nature’s fury, drought and famines.  The Great Famine of 1876–1878 was a  famine in India under Crown rule that affected millions living in  Deccan Plateau.

In between the man at the centre is TN Minister for Health Mr Vijayabaskar who is doing a good job .. ..

As the fear of Covid 19 increases – people have been advocating - isolation, quarantine, social distancing as a measure of ensuring that the dreaded virus does not spread to people.  All such measures are fine and perhaps needed to, but there is a flip side which people neglect to see.   Some big and famous stars are biting their tongues after making insensitive comments amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has derailed multiple television and film productions in addition to preventing large-scale events from taking place for the foreseeable future. The fallout reverberation would not end with closing of Schools, malls, cinema theatres and social gatherings.  There are many countries under travel restriction now.

.. .. if this continues, and if social distancing, closure of public transport and the like are to happen in our States, the first and worst affected would be daily wage earners.  Falling stock market, stoppage in production, loss in revenue all these would affect commercially but think of those whose next food always comes from the present working ! ~ if World were to come to a standstill and when people are expected to remain inside their homes - labourers, small traders, food retailers, shop owners, workers, coolies, auto drivers, tea sellers would find it extremely difficult to earn something and .. .. make their ends meets.  Pray that such situations do not happen in our country.

Miles away, a 21-year-old youth soccer coach in Spain died Sunday from coronavirus while also battling leukemia. Francisco Garcia was coach of the junior team for Atletico Portada Alta in Malaga. Garcia's leukemia was discovered after going to the hospital with symptons of COVID-19, the Independent reported. Garcia was advised to seek medical attention after struggling to breathe, the Spanish newspaper Malaga Hoy reported.

South Africa ended their tour as did England .. .. but Pak super league was on, which too is now hit.  Alex Hales has confirmed he is self-isolating at home after developing symptoms of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) following his return from the Pakistan Super League. The PSL's organisers confirmed on Tuesday morning that the competition's semi-finals and finals had been postponed indefinitely after a player had shown symptoms of the virus. PCB chief executive Wasim Khan said "we cannot reveal the identity of that player", but Ramiz Raja, who has been commentating on the tournament, told reporters: "Alex Hales has developed symptoms."

Raja's comments led to inaccurate speculation that Hales had tested positive for the virus, which he denied in a statement. "In the light of the speculation and rumour that is currently circulating within the cricket world and on social media, I felt I needed to give a full explanation of my situation," Hales said. "Like many other overseas players, I reluctantly left the Pakistan Super League early because, with COVID-19 reaching global pandemic status, I felt it was more important to be with my family rather than face a period of lockdown thousands of miles from home.  However, I awoke early on Sunday morning having developed a fever and followed the government's advice of self-isolation, a process I am obviously still following having developed a dry and persistent cough.

Here is an interesting tidbit of the solitary spectator during the recent ODI between Australia and New Zealand at Sydney.  The person was Harold Gascoigne.  Here is something interesting from Ask Steve, Cricinfo.

"Yabba" was the nickname given to Stephen Harold Gascoigne, a Sydney rabbit-seller who became famous for his raucous pronouncements from the Hill during matches at the SCG. Arguably the best-recalled example of his output was his advice to the England captain Douglas Jardine during the Bodyline tour: "Leave our flies alone Jardine! They're the only friends you've got out here."

A statue of Yabba was unveiled on the Hill in 2008, which is why he was, poetically speaking, the only onlooker at the recent ODI in Sydney, after spectators were excluded for health reasons. The official attendance of zero would appear to be an unbeatable record low: according to the Melbourne statistician Charles Davis, the previous-smallest daily attendance for an international match in Australia was 17, for the final day of the 1967-68 Adelaide Test - India were nine down overnight, and 161 behind; Australia needed six overs on the final morning to pick up the last wicket. Ian Chappell, in a recent ESPNcricinfo article, entertainingly recalled a Sheffield Shield match that started with just one spectator in attendance. I seem to remember a report of a match in Zimbabwe that started with no one watching at all, but I'm not sure when that was!

On the contrary I grew up being part of many hundreds that would watch a First division league match at Marina grounds. Slowly, there are handful spectators only in Ranji trophy matches. Life has changed a lot.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

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