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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

accidents in movie shoots ~ people getting killed and response !

Through movies, dialogues, gestures and songs – Actors have won the hearts of people – they believe that heroes can provide solution to all problems.  Movie stars are given coveted awards not only for their acting but also social recognition.

Manimaran, is a doctor living in the country of Neidhal Naadu.  He sides with the affected rebels in a land ruled by a cruel !  dictator.   Manimaran leads the slaves, sings,  fights for their rights – and obtains freedom for all of them. .. .. that was ‘Ayirathil Oruvan’ and MGR ascending to stardom .. people clapped and appreciated.

Last year there was a road accident, sadly a techie lost her life.  Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM) founder Kamal Haasan blamed "government apathy" and "half-baked politicians" for the death of a 23-year old woman techie in Chennai after an illegal hoarding put up by an AIADMK functionary crashed on her. The victim R Subhashree, riding a two-wheeler, had lost balance and fell on the road after the hoarding crashed on her and she was run over by a water tanker that came from behind. It was really sad and the  incident prompted a public outrage.

Haasan said the powers that be have kept people "slaves" by calling them "ordinary" folks, but asserted such "ordinary" citizens create "extraordinary" leaders. "Many Subhashrees and Raghus have been killed due to this government apathy," Haasan said in a video.  Haasan wondered "how many more lives will be taken away by these ignorant officials and half-baked politicians." "Don't they have common sense on where to erect or not not erect banners," he said.

A series of murders take place in the taluk of Avadi in the same pattern; stabbing by a knife. Each time the victim is paralysed before being killed. Police suspect several people and they narrow down the killer by his age – to be a ‘meticulous old man’ ! going by the  writing style on the letter left behind by the killer.  The killings are performed by Senapathy, a veteran Indian freedom fighter, for demanding a bribe to do his duty – a great film, we appreciated !

Indian was a landmark movie for the actor, director and the Tamil filmdom. After couple of decades, Indian 2 was being shot and an accident on the sets left the  Tamil film industry  in a state of shock when an accident claimed the lives of three technicians on Feb 19, 2020.  A crane was deployed on the Indian 2 set while shooting a fight sequence last week. Many heavy equipment including light thrusters were placed on the crane. Unfortunately, the crane crashed and fell on Sri Krishna (assistant director), Madhu (Art Assistant) and Chandran (production assistant), who dropped dead on the spot.

Taking to Twitter, director  Shankar said that he feels that the crane should have crashed on him. His tweet read, "It is with utmost grief, I’m tweeting. Since the tragic incident,I’ve been in a state of shock & having sleepless nights on the loss of my AD & crew. Kamal also took to twitter calling for the need for safety equipments and adequate compensation. Going by the tweets, Kamal Haasan, Shankar, Kajal Aggarwal, stylist Amritha Ram and Seema Tabassum all reportedly had a narrow escape from the accident as they were only a few meters away from the crash site.

More than a century and few years ago ! came this move ‘The Captive’ that chronicled the life of a young woman named Sonia Martinovitch (Blanche Sweet) who lived during the midst of the Balkan Wars.  Her elder brother  Marko Martinovich fights in the Battle of Lule Burgess, and is tragically killed, leaving Martinovich and her remaining brother, Milo, helpless. The film detailed the romantic war-era plight of Montenegrin protagonist, Sonia Martinovich, and her Turkish lover, Mahmud Hassan… .. …during filming of a scene where soldiers were required to break down a locked door, the extras fired at the door using live ammunition to give the scene more realism. The director then ordered the extras to reload with blanks in order to film the next shot in which the door is broken down. But one of the extras inadvertently left a live round in his rifle which discharged, shooting another extra, Charles Chandler, in the head, killing him instantly.

.. .. back to Indian 2 accident, the actor politician star had complained of Police harassment in enquiring him for details of the accident.  Media reports suggest that in a reprieve to actor Kamal Haasan, the Madras high court has  directed the central crime branch (CCB) police not to call the actor to be present at EVP Film City on Mar 18, to ‘reconstruct’ an accident that occurred during the shooting of his 'Indian 2'.  Hearing the actor’s petition Jayan Subramanian submitted: "The petitioner received a summons dated February 29 directing him to appear before the CCB on March 3 to conduct inquiry about the accident. The petitioner, as a law-abiding citizen, appeared before the investigating officer for over three hours without any interval. He answered all the questions raised and shared all information he was aware.  On Tuesday, Justice GK Ilanthiraiyan, made it clear that Kamal should appear before the CCB for investigation purposes and need not be present for recreation of the accident. The court passed the order after giving an urgent hearing to the plea moved by Kamal alleging harassment on the part of the CCB.

Representing Kamal, senior counsel Satish Parasaran  stated that to the shock and surprise, the CCB issued another summons dated March 16 directing the actor  to be present in EVP Film City at 10.30am on March 18 to demonstrate the accident, the petitioner said claiming that the second summons was not maintainable in law and was politically motivated. Kamal contended that he was only a hero of the movie and in no way associated with the production of the film. He had no control over the production of the film nor over the staff engaged, the counsels said. Arguing that the second summons had been issued by the CCB with an intention to harass him, Kamal wanted the court to interfere and direct the CCB police not to harass him.

Opposing the plea, the prosecution submitted that overloading the crane has been found to be the primary cause of the accident.  Subsequently, an FIR had been  registered against the crane operator and production manager Sundarrajan under sections 287 (negligent conduct with respect to machinery), 337 (causing hurt by negligence), 338 (causing grievous hurt), and 304 A (causing death by negligence) of the IPC.

Kamal contended that he was only a hero of the movie and in no way associated with the production of the film. He had no control over the shooting or the staff engaged, the counsels for the actor said !

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

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