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Friday, September 20, 2019

BCCC reprimands Sun TV for obscene display in Kalyana Veedu Serial

Do you see TV Serials ? - is that Q itself innately wrong ??

Doordarshan, which began as an experiment on Sept 15, 1959, and became a service in 1965, turned 60 last Sunday. .. .. modern day youth can never imagine that DD in Tamil (from 15.8.1975) – was in B&W – single channel – that too for restricted hours ! ~ those days entertainment was ‘Oliyum & Oliyum’ [up to 6 songs on Fridays]; movie on Sunday and a drama [sometimes extending for 2 / 3 parts on Tuesday.  In ‘Ethiroli’ – the previous week’s programmes would be reviewed – and there could be a Q on how the Director missed out the Clock [in the background of a hero or heroine speaking] not showing time properly !

In Hindi side, TV Czarina Ekta Kapoor and AnkitaLokhande got nostalgic as their ‘PavitraRishta’ completed ten years on Saturday (June 1). ‘PavitraRishta’ is one of the most loved and longest running shows on Indian television. The daily soap, which started airing from June 1, 2009 on Zee TV, has telecasted over 1400 episodes.‘PavitraRishta’ was the Hindi TV remake of Tamil soap opera ‘Thirumathi Selvam’. Interestingly, the on-screen name of the female character in the Tamil show was also Archana.  In between, ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’  completed 3000 episodes.  Shivangi Joshi and Mohsin Khan celebrated 3000 episodes of their television soap opera along with the rest of the team of the fourth longest running Indian television soap opera. The first episode premiered on 12th January ten years ago and followed the life of Akshara Maheshwari, played by Hina Khan, and NaitikSinghania, played by Karan Mehra.

Kalyana Veedu (Wedding house) is Tamil TV serial aired in Sun TV since  2018.  This  family soap opera is directed by Thirumurugan, R.Sundarajan and N. Sundareshwaran. The show replaced Kula Deivam and is on air from Monday to Saturday on Sun TV.This show crossed 400 episodes on 5 Aug 2019.This show's 405th episode has been shot without any background music, with no break-shots and with the camera acting as a character in the serial, which is a record in the history of Tamil TV serials, it is claimed! ~ the Serial is in news for totally wrong reasons.

A soap opera is a radio or television serial dealing especially with domestic situations and frequently characterized by melodrama and sentimentality. The term soap opera originated from radio dramas being sponsored by soap manufacturers. BBC Radio's The Archers, first broadcast in 1950, is the world's longest-running radio soap opera; the world's longest-running television soap opera is Coronation Street, first broadcast on ITV in 1960. A crucial element that defines the soap opera is the open-ended serial nature of the narrative, with stories spanning several episodes.

The news is : Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC) has reprimanded Sun TV for the telecast of a sexual assault sequence in KalyanaVeedu serial. The BCCC has reportedly ordered the channel to pay a fine of Rs 2.5 lakh, and demanded that the channel carry an apology before each episode for a week (September 23 to September 28).

The serial is directed by Metti Oli-fame Thirumurugan M, who also stars as its protagonist.The controversial KalyanaVeedu episodes, which aired on May 14 and 15, showed the female antagonist graphically explaining to four henchmen how to gang-rape her own sister.Then, tables turn on her, when the leader of the gang decides to enact the instructions on her.The ghastly scene continues to get worse, and in a later episode on June 28, these rapists are punished with extreme violence, including setting the perpetrators’ genitals on fire.The scenes were condemned widely on social media, and following complaints from viewers, the BCCC took cognizance, and sent a notice to Sun TV, and producers Thiru Pictures.

In the hearing, held last month, both parties defended the serial and argued that the necessary precautions were in place to ensure the family-oriented serial remained so, and that the scene was taken out of context.However, the BCCC found the episodes to be problematic and has punished the channel.A compliance report, along with the original clips of the apology, is now to be submitted at BCCC’s Secretariat on or before October 7.  BCCC also  imposed a financial penalty of 2.5 lakh on Sun TV as well as directed them to run a video apology after examining complaints from viewers about the content in the serial Kalyana Veedu.

The complaints which the Council had received noted that such content would encourage atrocities against women and should not have been aired in a channel being watched by millions.The council, on examining the video clips based on the complaints, has said in their order that the content violated the Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF) guidelines which bars content that glorifies violence, as well as incite or encourage viewers to obscene or indecent behaviour.

~ the levels that these people have descended in attracting audience and raising their rating ! – shame on Sun TV, Thirumurugan and all those involved in these media making, shame also on the viewers of these type of serials.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
20th Sept 2019.

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