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Friday, August 25, 2017

spectacles distributed at SYMA - remembering KE Raghavan

Srinivas Youngmens Association (SYMA) has been doing service relentlessly since 1977.  Of our many services, Medical services and Education services are our prime activities.

We have come a long way since 1989 when our medical services were launched in a small street corner at Peyalwar Street ~ many our volunteers have striven so hard ensuring that pleasant and quality service is extended to poor and needy.  Of the many people involved – we recall and remember the passionate services of dear KE Raghavan born on 12.10.1953

A decade back on this day [fateful Saturday 25.8.2007] the affable Kunnavakkam Elayavalli Raghavan passed away – his sudden death shocked Triplicane and hundreds turned up at his funeral.  He would ever be remembered for his nice words, smiling face, hard work done always at the background without ever showing up on stage.  On a day when Sri Sankaracharya was to visit our medical centre in its nascent stage, he took upon himself, the task of whitewashing the entire premises and the day beckoned with the place so neat and clean.  He was exceptionally good in cooking and the sambar that he used to make still lingers.  In SYMA tours, besides other manual work, cooking and serving was his area and he made everyone feel happy with that.

Every year we remember him on 25th of August – this year on Independence day - around 130 people were screened ~ 11 persons were selected, of them 9 were taken to Sri Sankara Eye Hospital, Pammal on the same day.  Cataract surgery was done free for them, later,  they were brought back to Triplicane in a van arranged by SYMA.  SYMA members went to the hospital a day later,  met those who underwent eye surgery, providing them words of comfort.

31 persons were prescribed spectacles.  The eye-glasses were made by Sri Sankara Eye Hospital, Pammal and they were distributed in a function held at SYMA Medical Centre today @ 5.00 pm.

Today SYMA remembers Mr KE Raghavan, who left us this day in 2007.  The edifice of SYMA has been built brick by brick by the efforts of some and late KE Raghavan played a great part in maintaining the Centre those days. His brother Mr KE Srinivasan, Prop. Alamu Stores, distributed the glasses alongwith Mr TJ Ramani, President.  Many Office bearers and members were also present.

Me with KE Raghavan ~ photo taken in 1994 at Vellore – SPIC Viji marriage !

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

25th Aug 2017.

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