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Friday, January 1, 2016

Mohd Aamir's inclusion splits Pak Cricket - Yosuf Ramiz brawl on TV

Television Rating Point (TRP) is a tool provided to judge which programmes are viewed the most.

Heard of Jerry Springer Show! - an American syndicated tabloid talk show hosted by Jerry Springer, a former politician; the show is  broadcast on CNBC Europe late at night.  Reality television is a genre of television programming that documents ostensibly unscripted real-life situations, and often features an otherwise unknown cast. It differs from documentary television in that the focus tends to be on drama and personal conflict, rather than simply educating viewers.

There have been occasions when a heated debate on a prime TV channel goes over board.  The issues are side-tracked or forgotten and the participants start mudslinging.  Some have left the show midway, some have fought fisticuffs – while some would say it is all gimmick, pre-arranged stage fight to raise the TRP of the show.   Rarely the guests verbally abuse and even get physical even as the hapless anchor tries desperately to maintain peace and decorum.  There are some shows where prejudicially they call 4 people – 3 and the host speak against one – and deny him reasonable chance to put forth his views [long time TV viewers know too well the bias of some TV and its hosts !! – know which ?]

Miles away, stars from the hit MTV reality show "Teen Mom 2" fought on the floor. Janelle Evans, 19, was arrested after video surfaced of her punching another woman at her Oak Branch, N.C. hometown. She charged with simple assault and simple affray, ABC affiliate WWAY reported. In the video, Evans was seen attacking her former friend, Brittany Truett, as others can be heard urging them on in the background.  Truett said the fight was over Evan's ex-boyfriend.

About a decade ago, there was fight between Shivshankar baba and Yagava munivar on a TV show which was later spoofed in a Tamil cinema too.

In a fresh blow to Pakistan cricket, veteran cricketers Mohammad Yousuf and Ramiz Raza were involved in an ugly debate on television. The duo, who were expected to express their views on the return of tainted pacer Mohammad Amir in the team, got too personal in a heated exchange of words. Even though the anchor tried to interrupt and reminded the two of the issue they had to discuss, it hardly made a difference to their tone.

The return of Mohammad Amir to the Pakistan national cricket team has split the country's cricket aficionados into two. The pacer served a 5-year ban and a jail sentence for spot fixing but is now back in the squad which has infuriated a lot of people. While discussing this topic during a debate on Geo Super channel, former Pakistan cricketers Rameez Raza and Mohammad Yusuf lost the plot and got highly personal.  Yousuf slammed Raza saying he didn't know anything about cricket and called him a ‘sifarashi cricketer’  who's only good enough to be a teacher while Raza called Yousuf a fake Mulla who says lies and creates problems in Pakistani cricket. Yousuf said - You are just a teacher, English teacher and nothing else.” To which Ramiz retorted : You can speak anything, and you have done such a shameful thing in cricket.

The photo at the beginning is that of Pakistani cricketer Wasim Raja, who  died aged 54 of a heart attack.  Remember the left-handed middle-order batsman who would also bowl right-handed - leg-breaks playing in that Pongal Test at Chepauk in 1989 when Sandip Patil made his debut.  He played in 57 Tests – incidentally, his brother Ramiz Raja too played the same no. of tests. 

Typical episode of Springer show would begin  with a title card warning parents that the show may contain content inappropriate for children. Springer then would  enter the stage by sliding down a stripper pole, being greeted by a standing audience pumping the air with their right hand. After finishing the interview of the 1st guest,  Springer would bring in  another guest whom the first guest would like to confront. The confrontation would  often break down into a brawl that would eventually be broken up by on-set security personnel.

Be it ‘match on turf’ or ‘slinging on media’ – it is we, the spectators who are taken for a ride that too a paid one !

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

30th Dec 2015.

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