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Monday, August 24, 2015

World's fastest woman Becci Ellis survives crash at 254 mph !!!!

Can you spot out who this person is ?

In the serene morning 0r in the dead of night, suddenly a group of bikers would speed down in Beach road racing amongst themselves sending shivers on the spine … it is mad mad driving  -  Herbert James "Burt" Munro, at the age of 68 riding a 47 year old machine set  an under-1,000 cc world record, at Bonneville in 1967.   In mid 1970s and 1980s, when we gazed at motorcycles, a sudden shriek will garner everyone’s attention – a motorcycle whizzing past in the not so crowded beach road ….those informed will tell that it is someone preparing to drive at racetrack in Sholavaram – the vehicle would look funny, devoid of any extra fittings, head light housing removed, no mudguards and even no kick-starter – would require a push start ………….. and DD would show live those races …life has changed fast !!

The motorcycle land speed record is the fastest speed achieved by a motorcycle on land. It is standardized as the speed over a course of fixed length, averaged over two runs in opposite directions. These are special or modified motorcycles, distinct from the fastest production motorcycles.  In Oct 2014, an IT analyst set a new record by going 264mph on her modified bike  - she was - amateur racer Becci Ellis, 46.  The world's fastest woman  was revealed to be  a British mother-of-two who smashed the land speed record by going 264mph on a motorbike her husband built.

The 46-year-old has been riding motorbikes since she was a youngster and says it give her an adrenalin rush. Her husband Mick spent the last two years tweaking the 1300cc bike and developing a one-of-a-kind turbo system so his wife can reach break-neck speeds. Mrs Ellis blasted down the mile-long course at Elvington airfield in North Yorkshire on her beloved 500bhp Suzuki Hayabusa bike at 264.1mph, destroying American rider Jennifer Robertson's existing record of 243.6mph. The lightning-quick speed is the equivalent of travelling at a 118 metres a second and it took her just over 20 seconds to complete the course.

Now Becci Ellis is in news again ~this time not by breaking any record – but surviving motorbike crash at an incredible 254mph after she is hit by gust of wind while trying to break her own speed record.

The world's fastest female biker cheated death after crashing her bike at over 200mph in front of horrified motorsport fans.Becci Ellis, 46, was trying to beat her own speed record and had reached 254mph when her 1300cc superbike was hit by a gust of wind and veered off the track.Spectators - including husband Mick - watched as the turbo-powered Suzuki Hayabusa swerved onto the grass and careered out of control for a quarter of a mile before the mother-of-two was violently thrown off.

Thanks to armour-plating inside her racing suit, the IT analyst escaped with just a broken ankle, severe bruising and whiplash.MailOnline reports further that she was able to leave hospital within eight hours to watch the motorcycle competition continue at Elvington airfield in North Yorkshire.Recuperating at her home in Scunthorpe, Mrs Ellis said: ‘I had just gone through the speed gate at 254mph when the wind caught me. I was still doing around 220 and it made me sit up in the saddle and in less than a second the bike hadgot onto the grass.‘It was a very bumpy ride - and I knew it was going to end in pain. I managed to keep the bike upright but I was still doing around 90mph when the bike finally dug into the dirt and spat me off. I landed on my front and blacked out briefly but the paramedics were there very quickly.‘When they got to me I saw that Mick was looking a bit grey - it must have been very worrying for people watching but my armour under my leathers saved me from a lot more serious injuries.It was decided that because of the high speed of the impact I should go to casualty so they called the air ambulance which meant I was in Leeds hospital fifteen minutes after the crash.

Mrs Ellis added - ‘Other women are still trying to beat me but we made such a leap with the performance of my bike that it will be a long time before anyone goes faster’ !   Strange are the ways of people.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

24th Aug 2015.

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