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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

brown cow allotted a seat at Govt degree College Bemina written exam !!!!

Bemina is a region in Srinagar, the capital city of Jammu and Kashmir.  It is situated in the heart of the Capital just about 4 km from Lal Chowk.  It is news !  A Govt woollen mill by name Bemina Woolen mills conceived in 1965 is here.  Over the years, it reportedly is not doing well and the Govt has formulated Rs 50 crore revival plan for modernisation of  silk factory and the  woolen mill. 

Away, there are animals and there are dogs – there  are stray dogs and there are pet dogs – given great care and spent so much – for some a dog is closer to a member of the family – sometime back I had posted on the peculiar incident reported of a  dog about to become a member of  jury.  Going by the US media  reports, New Jersey resident IV Griner probably would not have been too thrilled to receive a jury duty letter – if she were to be human. IV (pronounced Ivy) is a five-year-old German shepherd brought up by the family of Barrett Griner IV and his wife in Bridgetown. Mr Griner named his black and tan pup the name IV Griner as a play on his own name, Barrett Griner the fourth, which he writes using Roman numerals.  He is quoted as saying ‘She’s a female, so I named her “IV” without the “Y” as sort of a play on words. 

 When the owners opened the mail box, they were too surprised to find a letter from the Cumberland County Clerk of Courts apparently addressed to the dog  Griner summoning  to report for jury duty.  The dog’s name on her vet record appears the same as it does on the summons. Later it was revealed to be a Computer glitch that was to blame in calling the German Shepherd to report for jury duty by the Cumberland County Judiciary.  It was revealed that the Court never  actually requested a dog serve on a jury,  but computer probably misread Griner's numerical suffix IV as his first name.

In a similar news from Jammu & Kashmir, a cow has been allotted a seat at the Government Degree College Bemina for writing the examination scheduled to be held on May 10.  Newspaper reports suggest that in a strange turn of events, a cow was issued an admit card by authorities to write a professional entrance examination next week here.

The admit card for the entrance examination for Diploma in Polytechnic was issued by Board of Professional Entrance Examinations (BOPEE) in the name of Kachir Gaaw (Brown Cow) who is supposedly daughter of Gura Dand (Red Bull). The incident came to light after opposition National Conference spokesman Junaid Azim Mattu uploaded a copy of the admit card on social networking site"I have both the Provisional Confirmation Page for applicant Ms ‘Kachir Gaw’ as well as details of payment she made to BOPEE,” Mattu wrote on his account.

Mattu claimed that the records about the admit card had been taken off the BOPEE site at the behest of the State government. “However, after an informal heads-up was sent to the government, BOPEE was asked to take the record down from their website this morning. “(Education Minister) Mr. Naeem Akhtar @jkpdp has some explaining to do. New benchmark of progress in Education Sector under him — COWS getting roll no slips?” Matuu added.

Former Chief Minister and National Conference working president Omar Abdullah also commented on Mattu’s post saying, “Brilliant. I wish Kachir Gaaw had turned up for the examination.” Controller Examinations of BOPEE Farooq Ahmad Mir said there was not much the authorities could do to prevent people from playing such pranks. “All the applications are now made online. There is an image recognition software which does not differentiate between a human face and an animal picture. Someone has played a prank,” Mir said.

Asked about his signature on the admit card issued to the cow, Mir said, “I do not sign the admit cards in person. This is a system generated signature and comes by default,” he said. Mir, however, said BOPEE will file a complaint against the prankster. “We will track down the IP address of the person who has played this prank,” he added.

Interesting – such Computer errors do throw-up once a while !

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

4th May 2015.

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