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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Chinese students attempt to save female from jumping to death ! bedsheets !!

In the Tamil film ‘ABCD’ starring Shyam  and Sneha,  Vadivelu plays the role of a bus conductor.   In one of the scenes, Vadivelu tucks into a crowd which is taking bets – on ‘whether a man sitting on top of the building would jump and commit suicide or not’- the innocent Vadivelu with his heart ruling over, would climb nearer, only to be embroiled in further trouble for himself !   ~and by now the average cinema goer knows  - that a probable jumper could be saved by a group of people by ....... by what – simply holding a blanket and wrapping the jumper safe !!!

Many a times, cinema reflects real happenings ~and sometimes cinematic scenes occur in real life too .. !!

Here is an interesting news item of a female student climbing on to the roof of 13 storeyed building, and dozens of students using bedsheets to create a safety blanket. 

A group of Chinese students who attempted to save a female classmate from jumping to her death have made waves online.  The quick-thinking students rode bicycles to collect about 20 blankets after they spotted the girl on the roof of a 13-story building at Beifang University of Nationalities in Yunchuan, northwest China. The students, who have been dubbed the ‘quilt brothers,’ waited in hopes of catching the girl until a teacher dragged her off the roof and out of harm’s way, reports Tencent.

The girl was reportedly a first-year student who was contemplating suicide as a result of her 'dire love life.'  Witness Zhang Ming said it was a sombre scene, with concerned students gathering below the building and crying.   The incident took place at bout 12pm during the university lunch break last Thursday.  By 1pm firefighters from the Yinchuan City Fire Brigade had arrived to the scene and deployed a jumping cushion. Internet users have praised the male students, applauding them for their prompt preventive action and coining the 'quilt brothers' nickname in a show of support.

Last month, a similar incident in Hanghzao, eastern China, saw a 21-year-old student jump off a University building after supposedly being turned down by a woman he'd been pursuing. The 21-year-old survived the fall but suffered multiple fractures.

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