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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

when it rains currency - Shivaji the Boss ~ and in Dubai roads !!

Rains are enjoyable and some feel happy getting drenched in rain.  Traffic comes to a halt when it rains heavily and it is no wonder that in Dubai too it happened ~ not sure of the frequency and volume of Dubai and other Middle east countries – but this news tells that traffic was stranded when it rained money in Dubai.  Cash worth more than half a million pounds in form of hundreds of 500 AED notes  blew through the city – and nobody knows where it came from !

We have seen it in many Tamil movies including Thiruda Thiruda.  In Sankar’s  ‘Sivaji, the Boss’ the story line was black money…. Adiseshan played by Suman manages to put Sivaji behind the bars and hatch a plot to eliminate him.  To cover up, they organize for thugs to shoot up the police van that carries Sivaji’s body.  Sivaji fakes death, revives the foundation in disguise landing back as MGR ~ the villain as also others could realize that it is only Sivaji but could not prove as they had created enough alibi for the death of Sivaji in police custody.  In the long climax, Sivaji fights the villain in the terrace of his medical college ~ and unravels hard currency notes stashed below the tiles………. !! …. Currency notes fly everywhere and the students start collecting them stating it was the black money paid by them for begetting seats…….in the melee, the villain gets killed in the stampede. 

Though we often read of huge amounts of money left in auto-rickshaws getting returned to Police Station by honest auto drivers ~ there is always the Q that how would a human being act – when he accidentally gets possession of huge money….. will he keep it; find and return to the owner; or deposit it with the police ??? 

Miles away in Dubai, motorists driving could not believe their eyes when it started raining money in the middle of the UAE city.  MailOnline reports that thousands of 500 UAE Dirham notes - worth around Rs.8500/- - flew through the oil-rich city on a busy afternoon earlier this month, and officials have yet to give an explanation as to why, or reveal a source of the cash. Drivers abandoned their cars in order to get their hands on the notes blowing down the road, and were filmed holding handfuls of notes.  It is estimated that notes valued between two and three million Dirham were loose - meaning up to £500,000 [Rs.4.80 crores approx] was blowing in the wind.

The notes were carried by strong winds through the Jumeirah area of Dubai for several minutes, but locals have got no idea where it came from. One surprised local described how his wife pulled over her car to film motorists dodging cash collectors on a busy stretch of highway in the city. It doesn't happen every day.  The baffling incident happened at around 3pm on February 11 and locals have no explanation.

Police later arrived at the area and ushered people away, local media reports.  Looking up to the sky for a windfall ?

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
25th Feb 2015.

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