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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

wedding videographer sued for poor execution...

A couple of decades ago, not all marriages were videographed… people would engage photographers who would take 3 or 4 rolls [remember a good photographer would get 36 + photos from a single roll]….  ~ there were 2 boys who filmed the entire marriage – but, after a few days, the Reception part was revealed to have been not captured at all….

In a comedy scene, Vadivelu would film a Cop taking a bribe from a traffic offender and would be letting out ‘loose talk’…… just as the offender was about to heed to all demands, a person would come searching for Vadivelu – and make it public that the video camera hired by him was not having the cassette at all to record. !!

There have been instances where the Professional Camera person employed / contracted does a shabby job and one feels that the occasion of life-time was not properly captured……… here people whine and at best may pay less … that is all..

The World outside is not so naïve, gentlemen, as evidenced by the news reported in most British dailies of – ‘angry bride suing a  wedding videographer for over $100,000 for making her wedding seem like 'an episode of Seinfeld' by adding fake applause and sound effects’….. Daily Mail reports that  26-year-old Monica Nikchemny married Felix Komrash, 33, in September 2012 and claims that even before she got her video, the videographer made inappropriate wedding video suggestions. She was pregnant when she got the video a year later and her anxiety caused her to have medical complications. She is suing Visualaz for the price she paid for the video plus damages.

The newsitem reads that : One bride thinks her wedding video is literally the 'worst thing in the world' and she's suing her videographer for $122,000 in damages for making her wedding seem like 'an episode of Seinfeld.' 26-year-old Monica Nikchemny married Felix Komrash, 33, in September 2012 and a year  later when the family received the wedding video, Monica was brought to tears and 'almost had a nervous breakdown.' Monica and her father are suing the wedding video company Visualaz who Monica claims ruined her special day by adding in sound effects and fake applause.  'When I watched my wedding video it really sounded like I was watching an episode of 'Seinfeld,' [an American television sitcom] she said. 'It really was ridiculous.' Now Monica is taking the Brooklyn based company Visualaz to court, reports Visualaz is run by Igor Boshoer and his wife Valerie. Igor boasts Hollywood credits for visual effects for films such as 'The Wolf of Wall Street.'

The New York Daily News reported that the trouble with the company Visualaz started before they even received the video.  When the couple asked for a short 'love story clip' to be played during the ceremony, the filmmakers suggested that Komrash should be dressed as a transvestite in a dress who falls in love with his future wife, says court papers filed Wednesday in the Brooklyn Supreme Court. Nikchemny said that the suggestion was 'very inappropriate and disrespectful' and a 'complete joke.' Nikhemny also claims that the video company only showed up with a small piece of the equipment they promised in their $13,000 contract.

Nikchemny owns a third generation bridal store in Sheepshead Bay called 'Monica's Bridal' and says it was important to her that her wedding was perfect and top-notch.  Monica Nikchemny, 26, said in her Brooklyn Supreme Court suit that Visualaz, which is run by Igor Boshoer whose credits include "Wolf of Wall Street," that the video was not what she asked for and contained applause track and sound effects. Nikchemny got the video when she was pregnant an says that the stress caused by the video led to 'medical complications.' She was given the raw footage but claims that the sound was bad and the video was missing important parts of her ceremony such as the cocktail hour, desert table, and the signing of the Jewish wedding agreement. The company was surprised to hear that the couple didn't like their video and even got a positive response from fans on facebook who applauded the video work. The videographer did not make any further comments.

That is the tip of the probabilities of a liability suit !! ~ and the photo at the start is that of Moonie couples in Korea in a mass marriage…. No Q on how a contracted photographer for that marriage would feel after reading this news !!

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
13th Feb 2o14.

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