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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Presenting Dec 2013 issue of Bliss ~ the newsletter of SYMA

Dear (s)

Good Morning

BLISS the voice of SYMA is now here with you. You can view / download it from : SYMA Bliss Dec 2013 issue

This issue contains :
  • ·         Something on Margazhi Uthsav all over Chennai and wishes to the forthcoming Pretoria tour
  • ·         About Goldwinner SYMA Childfest – our annual show for children where every year close to 4000 students from over 100 schools in Chennai participate
  • ·         Details of  Cataract eye camp conducted by us on Independence day
  • ·         Wishes on a grand Sadabhishekam, Marriages …
  • ·         Obituary to some dear persons who are unfortunately no more
  • ·         Our Q in this issue :  Sachin set to become the youngest recipient of Bharat Ratna.  Do you know who is the eldest person among the recipients  and the fact that  the eldest person far outlived even those posthumously awarded BR !!

All this and more………..

Thanks for your continued support to SYMA.  We request our members to collect more contributions for our welfare activities.  We invite all members and well-wishers to help us in planning and conducting the Childfest well.

Do keep in touch by mailing us at :

With regards

PS : For those new – SYMA has been serving the society since 1977 and Bliss is its newsletter.  Yours Truly is presently the Secretary of SYMA and Editor of Bliss for more than a decade.

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