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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

the appreciable act of Chennai Police constable - saving life...

We see in English films – a stout cop stops a vehicle – ‘hands out’ punishment in style ….. immediately people start quipping that such thing will not happen in India ….. before you blame – think of ground realities…

You are heading back home on a city road [or coming to office] … [be it any city.. it is most likely to be same]….. there is flow of traffic – vehicles slow down – suddenly you see many vehicles stranded before…. You spot one vehicle taking the wrong side and forge ahead (you may or may not follow) but most others would do… now you are surrounded on all sides…. Most who came behind you are now ahead on the wrong line – a minor trouble – the bottleneck gets cleared – but there is terrible terrific jam because of those who flouted the basic rule and drove on the wrong side – now in the front – vehicles stand facing one another – those oncoming and going – both sides vehicles on wrong lanes……..

Some good Samaritan – a Police cop and perhaps some auto-wallah try to regulate the traffic – now perforce those wrong-doers are allowed first – while those who followed lane discipline wait [impatiently honking horns]…. Sad plight…. But think who is at fault…
Here every other person is above law… 2 wheelers [especially those driven by females] flash their way thinking that there is no lane and there is no wrong side for them …… autos can appear, jig-jag, make you nervous and disappear …. There will be Tata Sumos, Scorpios and ……. Others – more dangerous if they have a party flag flying – a boyish driver on wheel [speaking on mobile all the time] with another political heavyweight sitting with a mobile on the front…. (more fearsome if you are spot a group inside) – no signal,no one-way, no rule,  no law; vehicles with stickers Press, Advocate and more…. ……… somehow everyone appear mighty and above law….  if and when stopped everyone will try to use their clout ….

Amidst these dusty scene, there are police cops who swelter in hot Sun and in rain – hours together … having to arrange way for VIP vehicles with some more escorting Politicians and other heavy wigs.  These cops have extended working hours, heavy stress, little support, much little respect and are not exactly well paid.  People will  talk of the Indian traffic police not coming up the expectations of their duty but do we ever try and think why?  And what ails them ??  Press can bloat that they are corrupt (may be a small % of them are) and this post is not to justify their act but only to say that they are discharging duty in extremely strenuous circumstances.  

To succeed one needs the required authority and tools of trade … many a times, you see traffic policemen springing crudely infront of a speedy  vehicle to stop….. sadly, the Nation’s crime rate has been growingly rapidly in the past few years. It has surpassed the rate of growth in the past decade, making India stand at number 10 in crime rate growth. One contributory factor is understaffed and ill-equipped police, overworked force, not so modern ways of patrolling; criminals escaping for lack of evidence and lack of technological support ~ not much of training and updation of technology either.  Mumbai carnage clearly revealed the fact of police cop armed with lathis against criminals with most sophisticated weapons.  

The roads are pathetic being paved by those who got through the lowest tender; increasing no. of vehicles and increased no. of violators and traffic offenders…. The US and European  Police looks and acts tough, their very presence is a deterrent to many crimes – their patrol vehicles are interconnected through wireless, they move about in teams and know how tackle troublemakers.

Sure, we need to learn to appreciate too….and this post in today’s The Hindu certainly needs to be read by all of us.  It is an article titled ‘Chennai constable goes the extra mile, saves young man’s life’

It was around 4.30 p.m. on busy R.K. Salai, a couple of months ago, when a car came to a screeching halt after hitting the footpath. Curious passers-by who peered into the car saw a youth unconscious behind the wheel, who did not respond to calls. G. Lokesh, a traffic constable, who was on duty in the vicinity rushed to the spot and joined the crowd tapping the car’s windows. Since the engine was on, the doors could not be opened. A few minutes later, the youth responded by turning off the engine but swooned again.

When attempts to make him drink some juice and water failed, Lokesh realised the seriousness of the situation and signalled a few autorickshaws to stop. “Since it was peak hour the autorickshaws did not stop. I shifted the young man to the rear seat of the car and drove straight to a private hospital and explained the circumstances to doctors at the emergency ward. Though I was on traffic duty in the VIP area, there was nothing on my mind then, other than saving the life of the youth,” he said.  The victim, later identified as Amuthan Sundar, a business analyst from Anna Nagar, was diagnosed with a seizure and put in the intensive care unit. After his family came to the hospital, Mr. Lokesh handed over the car keys and left.

The incident ended there, with no one hearing about it, until Mr. Sundar, who recovered fully a few weeks later, wrote to commissioner of police S. George, thanking him and the constable. “I am happy that the constable went an extra mile to save a youth in distress. A circular highlighting the good work of Lokesh is being sent to all police stations. We have given instructions to the police that every individual is entitled to courtesy and consideration,” Mr. George said.

Hail the good Samaritan Mr Lokesh….. and spare a moment for such innumerable police cops

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