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Monday, November 11, 2013

Anand - Carlsen - Game 2 too ends in draw; Caro-Kann defence

Ashot Vardapetyan ~ someway sounds some local name ….. but is not !! ~  and have you heard the names of ‘Horatio Caro -  Marcus Kann’ earlier….

Lot is happening over here as Chennai is abuzz with activity garnering International attention….. It is all happening in Chennai now as reigning champion Viswanathan Anand (43) faces off  22-year-old upstart Magnus Carlsen of Norway—nicknamed the "Mozart of Chess" because of his meteoric rise at such a young age.  The FIDE World Chess Championship Match ( FWCM) is the final event of the World Championship cycle. The two participants are World Champion V. Anand (India) and his challenger GM Magnus Carlsen who qualified from the Candidates Tournament 2013. The winner of the FWCM 2013 will be declared World Champion for the period 2013-2014.

Hyatt Regency Chennai,  the newly sprung  5 star luxury hotel right on the Mount road is  the venue of the match.  The first match was a draw in 16 moves as Indians wait anxiously for the first win for our beloved Anand.   On day 2, the result was not any different ~ the 2nd game saw another draw – there were to be repetition of moves and the draw was agreed on move 25.

There is  a rest day after the second, fourth, sixth, eighth, 10th, 11th and 12th games. After the sixth game, the colours will be reversed. The time control for the 12 games will be: 40 moves in two hours for each player, the next 20 moves in one hour and 15 minutes for the rest of the game, with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting after move 61. If the match goes into tiebreakers after a 6-6 tie in Classical chess, there will be a four 25-minute rapid chess games to break the tie. If that also ends in a tie, blitz chess mini-matches of two games each will be played. If the first set ends in a tie, the second, third and fourth will follow. In all five sets (10 games) will be played to break the tie. Even then if the match is tied, the Armageddon (sudden death game) will be applied. In that game, white will get five minutes and black four but black needing only a draw to win the game and match. The rapid, blitz and Armageddon will have separate draw of lots to choose the colour.

Anand was playing with white pieces and said he was mildy surprised at Carlsen's opening moves, in the press conference that followed the game. On day 1 Anand was perfectly happy with the draw playing with black pieces. In Game 2, Anand kept his game theoretical, with no rash moves. Carlsen, except some risks at the start of the game, also made careful moves.

The defending champion Anand started with 1.e4 and the challenger Carlsen responded with Caro-Kann defence, which was a slight surprise. Reports state that Carlsen rarely used Caro-Kann before, the last time being back in 2011. Anand had recent experience in this line as he won a nice game against GM Ding Liren, but this time he deviated on move 14 ~ and the game ended in a draw.  In the press conference later, Anand expressed his apology (perhaps to his fans for having played a short drawn game). Carlsen was to state that he did not expect anything and it was bit similar to his start in the Candidates tournament. 

With my little knowledge in  Chess, the technical details really go over board but read that the Caro–Kann Defence is a chess opening—a common defense against the King's Pawn Opening characterised by the moves: 1. e4 c6.  The Caro–Kann, like the Sicilian Defence and French Defence, is classified as a "Semi-Open Game", but it is thought to be more solid and less dynamic than either of those openings. It often leads to good endgames for Black, who has the better pawn structure.

The opening is named after the English player Horatio Caro and the Austrian Marcus Kann who analysed it in 1886. Horatio Caro  Marcus Kann(1862 –1920) was an English chess master, born in Newcastle upon Tyne but spent most of his chess career in Berlin.  Marcus Kann (1820-1886) is from Vienna, Austria.  Kann and Horatio Caro jointly analysed and published their analysis of the chess opening later to-be-called Caro-Kann Defence, (1.e4 c6) in the German Bruederschaft magazine in 1886.

The chief arbiter for the championship is, Ashot Vardapetyan from Armenia the same official who was in charge of the Anand-Boris Gelfand World championship match in 2012 in Moscow

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
11th Nov. 2o13.

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