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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

FIDE Game 4 - Berlin wall troubles Anand - another draw

You are looking at the cover page of : ‘Libro de la invencion liberal y arte del juego del axedrez’…………. Wonder what ??

In the modern world of social  media and applications comes ‘Wunderlist’ ~ an application helping to manage and share your to-do lists.  The buzz is that Investment company Sequoia Capital has invested $19 million in 6Wunderkinder, the Berlin based developer behind Wunderlist , a cutting edge productivity application.

Berlin is the capital city of Germany and one of the 16 states of Germany. Located in northeastern Germany on the River Spree, it is the center of the Berlin-Brandenburg Metropolitan Region. First documented in the 13th century, Berlin became the capital of the Kingdom of Prussia; the German Empire, the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich.  

Today at Chennai, the  fourth game of the FIDE World Championship Match, sponsored by Tamil Nadu state also finished in a draw after 64 moves of play. Anand started the game with 1.e4 and Carlsen responded with the Ruy Lopez Berlin defence. The opening earned its rock-solid reputation during the famous Kasparov – Kramnik match in London, 2000.

The Ruy Lopez is named after 16th-century Spanish priest Ruy López de Segura. It is one of the most popular openings. Ruy Lopez  made a systematic study of this and other openings in the 150-page book on chess Libro del Ajedrez written in 1561. Though this dates back to 1490, popular use of the Ruy Lopez opening did not develop, until the mid-19th century when Carl Jaenisch, a Russian theoretician, "rediscovered" its potential. Due to the difficulty for Black to achieve equality,  and the fact that Lopez was a priest during the Inquisition, a common nickname for the opening is "The Spanish Torture".

According to the official website, Anand entered the main line where the queens are exchanged and black forfeits the castle, in addition to having doubled c-pawns. The position became extremely complicated.  The defending champion was still a pawn down, but the material got reduced and white finally held a draw in the Rook endgame.

Libro de la invencion liberal y arte del juego del axedrez (translation: Book of the liberal invention and art of the game of chess) is one of the first books published about modern chess in Europe, written by Spanish priest Ruy López de Segura in 1561 and published in Alcalá de Henares.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
13th Nov. 2013.

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