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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sachin Tendulkar plays at Eden Gardens, Kolkatta.... what is 199 !!!

Do numbers have any attraction……………..  ‘199’ seems to have gained so much of attraction suddenly…………….. it is a test match at Eden Gardens –everywhere you see this 199….. At Eden Gardens today,  Rohit Sharma fresh from the euphoria of a double ton in ODI got his Test cap from Sachin, after having played 108 ODIs – getting the nod over Ajinkya Rahana.  Alongside also debuted Mohammed Shami preferred over Ishant..

No. 199 :  is an Odd Number;  it is a deficient no. as 1 is less than 199; it is a prime number; it is the sum of 3 consecutive primes 61 + 67 + 71; it is also the sum of 5 consecutive primes …… 31+  37 + 41 + 43 + 47

~ no point in trying to attach some more values ….. the badshah of Cricket – Sachin Tendulkar has decided to retire – the swansong will be at Wankhede and this one at Eden Gardens, Kolkatta – the penultimate is his 199th Test……. He has been a marketing icon – a premium product and Commercials are trying to exploit this number and mint more money…….

~ those of us who have been on a Cricketing ground in India live would vouch for his specialty ……. ‘crowds would go nuts’ cheering him ~ sound of Sachin, Sachin…. Saachhin, saachin would rant the air – getting louder everytime – he is involved, not necessarily when batting – a shot towards fielded by Sachin would draw strong sounds………….. more so, if he were to chase and stop … and take a catch – Sachin, the fielder and bowler would exhibit more glee when a wicket is fallen ………….. and crowds would cheer more, the moment the replay is shown on the big screen….. the ecstasy would know no bounds when he would turn and wave towards the crowd.  Sachin has been ever obliging ~ once it was reported that Sachin was signing autographs after a gruelling match  - someone suggested that he was tired – but Sachin reportedly said, he would never disappoint his fan and would ensure that they are happy….

Today, Sachin is playing his 199th test and the team composition is such that the rest of 10 have aggregate of less than that …. Could have changed had Ishant Sharma been playing this Test… !!!

Though I do not approve of this [does anybody really care ?] – one  of his followers from Burdwan has found a unique way to pay his tribute to the master. Sunit Chakroborty from Burdwan district  is set to drive his car on reverse gear from Durgapur to Eden Gardens in Kolkata -- about 199 km in distance!  Chakroborty says this is his way of showing his gratitude to the god of cricket. He already holds a record in reverse gear driving and met Tendulkar in Mumbai in 2011. He will go to Eden Gardens via Burdwan, Hooghly and Howrah districts. His car was flagged off on Tuesday by cheering Sachin fans. It is reported that on Monday, lensmen and TV crews converged in front of the home dressing room at Eden Gardens. A life-size wax figure of Sachin Tendulkar had become the centre of attention. Susanta Ray, a sculptor from Asansol, was waiting sheepishly to present it to his hero. The photographers wanted the real Tendulkar to come out and stand by the side of his replica. He had just finished a two-hour net session and was keen to leave for his hotel. Still he retained his smile, had a brief chat with Ray, waved to everyone, and left amid loud cheers.

It is very high ~ but the media frenzy has never been new to the Little Master…….now it may not be emotions but commercial hype surrounding this 199.  West Bengal sports minister Madan Mitra described this as giving a “fitting send off to a legend, Kolkata style.”  ~ but ~ there is also a report that the legend’s name was misspelt as ‘Sachine’ on some placards which was pointed out by Dhoni in his Press briefing.  

For the genuine lovers who grew watching Sachin play, score runs and relish playing for the Nation ~ it would he pain.  The most illustrious career with 15837 runs in Test career has spanned 23 years and more days…………. 4 players have had longer career spans but the closest in terms of years played his cricket till 1976 and represents the era of the earlier Cricketers… 3 of them are of England, Headley of WI ~ but in between they played 166 tests together – Sachin has played 198 and would end up with 200 in his kitty really shows his commitment, tenacity, fitness levels and his appetite in playing and scoring runs.   The Master has planted most indelible impression scoring in every possible fashion – more than 50000 runs – of which 18426 came in One dayers and 15837 in Tests; 100 centuries in International Cricket

In the recent past people have been braying for his retirement but………………. Sure it would be too difficult for his fans to think of Cricket without Sachin Tendulkar, easily the best batsman of his era and perhaps the best seen in times when television and other media was in vogue.  Besides the statistics involving his run making, the great prolific scorer would also be remembered as the champion who remained level headed avoiding controversy all the time…

For 24 years, Sachin Tendulkar has been the darling of India's cricket-mad public. No cricketer in history has evoked the kind of emotions the Mumbaikar has.  Even now, he is one who would focus on the game rather than the celebrations amidst reports that the Cricket Association of Bengal has, as expected, gone overboard with the celebration of Tendulkar's life and times, which it has titled 'Salute Sachin' ~ making it a carnival.  The carnival atmosphere wasn't unexpected and everyone knew that the CAB and Mumbai Cricket Association will leave no stone unturned to ensure his 199th and 200th Test match is etched in the memory of every cricket fan for the rest of their lives.  There are reports that Tendulkar is not all that comfortable with this and had reportedly told Kohli that his sole motive was to score big runs and help India win the Test match and that he would rather be left alone and allowed to concentrate on the job on his hand - to bat at No. 4.  It might sound strange that a man with the experience of 198 Tests under his belt still wants to train … but that has been the forte of Sachin

Whatever it be – Kolkatta reports that Sachin fever has gripped the city – with some drawing reference to coincidence of the day of Lord Rama having returned to Ayodhya.  As Tendulkar walked into the Eden Gardens on Monday, around 100 kids wearing Tshirts with Tendulkar's picture on them gave him a rousing reception. On entering the venue, a wax statue of Tendulkar raising his bat after scoring his 100th hundred in Dhaka last year greeted him. CAB treasurer Biswarup Dey said Tendulkar's friend and contemporary batting great Brian Lara is set to grace the match.

On Deepavali day, India worked desperately hard to defend 383 against Australia in Bangalore~ now they are on a different wicket ~ somehow more than the match, the concentration and focus seems to be on Sachin and 199……….  It is incredible way that the little master has scored runs and more incredible is the way, he has managed a lot that happened around him. His love of the game stood out above all, he’s been able to maintain that balance,” – he has been through rough troughs also – he has captained and later has played under many juniors, always giving his 100% ~ and that is the quintessence of the Man most loved in Indian Cricket.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

Photo of Sachin shadow training – from FB – not sure of the origin –

if revealed sure would put the credits for the same.

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