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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Presenting our Sept 2013 issue of BLISS – voice of SYMA

Dear (s)

Sept. 2013 issue Bliss – voice of SYMA is here: click on this to download :  Bliss 092013

I personally apologise for not in a position to bring out July and August issues.

In this beautiful world full of paradox – some stand in queues for procuring essentials – elsewhere a fancy phone release also draws crowds. 

Some keep buying even where the is no need but go in for upgrade – the primary model is called essential and higher version ‘smart’….people are willing to pay high prices for the brand / model though most of its features may not be of specific use for the buyer … still….

People rushed to have their Aadhar cards as it was stated that it was linked to to LPG scheme and subsidy……. from the days of cycle delivery, it moved that for a refill, one would need – a Bank Account, Aadhar Unique No.; have link between the two – then pay the high price, later expect the subsidy to be transferred to their bank account. When we were worried of the deadline, comes the news of Apex Court ordering the government not to withhold any social benefits from those who are yet to get the Aadhar card and not to issue the unique identification card to illegal immigrants.

The insane killings in a Nairobi mall takes the world to dark age of hatred ~ one shudders to think of the security of common man who could fall easy prey and sitting target for terrorists.

Even as all these are happening – SYMA continues in its chosen path of social service…. Our present issue has

v     Complete details of our Educational Aid function
v     An event at our Tuition centre
v     Our way of celebrating Independence Day
v     And something on SYMA Seva award recipient

All these and this issue’s Q on a port in Arabic Ocean owned by a country till middle of last century but now developed by its new owning country.

We  appeal to all our members to collect more funds and involve themselves in all our projects.  Collectively, we will march to make the society a much better place to live. 


S. Sampathkumar (Editor)

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