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Monday, September 2, 2013

Life's essentials go beyond : 'Roti, Kapda aur Makhan'

Have you heard of this tiny village -  called Seaton Delaval  ? and the reasons why it was in news !!

Roti Kapda Aur Makaan (Food, clothing, and shelter) – are the 3 most essentials in live.  A 1974 Hindi film written, produced, directed by  Manoj kumar and costarring  Shashi Kapoor,  Amitabh Bachchan was a huge hit and sensation in box office.  The theme is perhaps worthy guide to life at any point of time.  

But are they just enough for the modern World ?  - the electricity (power) perhaps had a major role in the shift of power in the Government in Tamilnadu in the recent elections.  The power cut in parts of Tamilnadu  was so frustrating and crippling lives in many ways that they became disgruntled.  But citizens of India, by and large are used to powercuts and do not blame – infact life goes on as usual even when power goes off for hours together.

In advanced countries, the situation and attitude of people is much different.  Recently there was a massive power outage which  left more than two million people without electricity in the US states of California and Arizona, and in Mexico.  The blackout caused traffic chaos in several cities and forced California's two nuclear reactors to shut down.  San Diego was the worst affected city, and all outbound flights from the city's airport were cancelled.  Trains have stopped in Los Angeles because there is no power for lights and signalling. A number of people have had to be rescued from stuck elevators and theme park rides.

When you think of power cut in US, there cannot but be a reference to the infamous  Northeast Blackout of 2003 that badly affected parts of the Northeastern and Midwestern United States and Ontario, Canada

                    Of course Power is most important in our lives – but there are many other things without which we cannot think of living even for a few hours.  The modern day youngsters are so wedded to cell phones that they cannot think of being in a place with ‘no network coverage’ even for a day !    Modern day youngsters addicted to Internet and social sites like Google +, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter cannot dream of a few hours without internet  !!  

There is a village called Seaton Delaval  in Northumberland, England. 'Seaton' simply means 'sea town', referring to the village's nearness to the North Sea.  It was not because this village possessed something that this village was in news but because the village remained  without phone or internet for two weeks..  and the cause being  thieves ripping  up a MILE of copper cable.  The 600 odd families of residents and scores of businesses remained badly affected !

In Aug 2011,  some thieves stole more than a mile of copper cable in the rural village going after the high scrap metal value and caused heartburn to the villagers.  As a result people lost their phone and internet connections.   The work took around two weeks to complete and provide the connection back.  

Now think of something happening in some other part of the World and how the netizens would suffer.  Is it roti, kapda aur makhan or – cellphones, net connectivity, social websites, Face Book, Twitter that is life !!

So what is barest essential and what is required for leading a happy life ?

Is it money, material or something else – perhaps good health and happier frame of mind should rank high in the list than anything else. But what are chasing in life ?

Just think how much of the 24 hours of a day, you spend usefully and in pursuit of what you should be doing ?  Take a day off, leisurely stroll your own house and take a look at your  cupboards, almirahs, and every other place and list out what you have accumulated ?

- sure most of us would complain that the space is just not enough and dream of living in a much bigger apartment or a house – but is your valuable space uncomplicated, organized and has only what you ought to have ?   or is it cluttered, cramped, overflowing with unwanted, not required or more than what is necessary.  Sure we have many redundant, useless, unwanted or more than required items.  Simply we need not own and care for this many items and these superfluous items cost your valuable time, money and energy.  Simplifying and getting down to barest essentials will perhaps put us on road to happiness.  Simplification will not only save money and time but also reduce stress.  May be we should make a beginning sooner………………

Regards – S. Sampathkumar.

Sept. 2011

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