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Monday, September 2, 2013

Bank robber, chase, crash and capture - all happening in Auckland - Newzealand

High drama / action on the Motor way…. Not here miles away in Newzealand.  Auckland Motorways was established in 2008 to operate and maintain Auckland's motorway network. Today’s NZ Herald and other news agencies reported of the following :-

It was noon - Police spotted the vehicle near the Drury intersection; the offending driver failed to stop for the unit despite being followed by flashing lights and siren. It was a BMW which  entered the motorway at Drury. Police gave a chase and the pursuit ensued onto the Southern Motorway northbound. It was dramatic as vehicles were driven at a great speed reportedly closer to 150 kmph; the speeding BMW crashed into the rear of a Ford ute, driven by a member of the public, near the Papakura interchange. The collision caused the BMW and the ute to flip and roll across the motorway…… the drivers and occupants were injured……..

Pukekohe is a town in the Auckland Region of the North Island of New Zealand. Located at the southern edge of the Auckland Region, it is approximately 50 kilometres south of Auckland City, between the southern shore of the Manukau Harbour and the mouth of the Waikato River. The Māori word puke-kohe means "hill of the kohekohe", New Zealand's native mahogany. During the New Zealand Wars, a battle was fought in Pukekohe known as the Defence of Pukekohe East 1863.

The scene described earlier ensured after a bank robbery in Pukekohe.  The news suggest that Police were alerted to a bank robbery in Pukekohe at 11:57am, where two partially disguised men entered the Westpac bank with what was  described as a hammer. They stole unspecified  amount of cash and fled the scene, causing no injury to staff or customers. The two offenders were witnessed leaving the bank in a maroon BMW convertible, and seen travelling at speed on rural roads towards the motorway at Drury.

Police were alerted; they observed the BMW near the Drury intersection and the chase emerged ending in the collision which caused the BMW to flip and roll across the motorway. The Ford ute has also rolled. Consequently, the motorway was closed to all northbound traffic until around 2:30pm

It is reported that there  were about 12 people in the bank at the time of the robbery and one of the suspects was armed with a hammer, but nobody was injured in the incident. Following the accident, the two male suspects - aged 25 and 33 - were taken to Middlemore hospital with head injuries, while the 57-year-old driver of the ute suffered a neck injury. All three are classified as seriously injured.

A weapon matching the description of the one used in the bank robbery, as well as the stolen cash, was recovered from the wrecked BMW. A property manager is quoted as saying that the robbery was "unbelievable". The robbers threatened people, took money and escaped in a stolen car.  Police believe the offenders may have been filmed by a witness on a cellphone, and are keen to hear from this person or anybody else who may have information.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.

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