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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

MSD - Dhoni rides high - this time on a Confederate Hellcat bike..

The other day a group of people in their mid 40s were discussing – and it was not on how much they have risen in life, or what they have earned or saved – more on how calm they are [if at all !] – on work life balance and how not to carry tensions home !!

Champions League T20 starts today and soon most of us would be happy watching nail-baiting finishes – and of course expect some of them by the Master finisher – art of tension-free handler, master mind Mahendra Singh Dhoni…….. some say that he allows things to boil down till the last over…… never mind, as long as he finishes them in characteristic style.  The team combinations are different now…… it is never easy for the no. 6 who would walk  in at a time when they are dumped down or when chasing an uphill target…. Of course, this is nothing on Dhoni finishing a grand T20 game  !!!

Do you know of a beast of a machine priced at approx Rs.35 lacs [US $ 55000] and for which 6.40 lakhs is required to be made a reservation pre-payment ~ and that is Confederate X 132 Hellcat for you.  ~ and it is afterall a two-wheeler motor-cycle !!! Named after the legendary F6F Hellcat fighter plane of WWII, the X132 Hellcat is the result of an uncompromised design and manufacturing approach.  The centerpiece of this uncompromised approach is the Hellcat's billet aluminum case. Instead of the usual casting method, the Hellcat's case is machined from two blocks of billet 6061 aircraft grade aluminum.  The Manufacturer’s website states that the  $10,000 USD pre-payment secures your reservation and initiates production of your X132 Hellcat. Therefore the pre-payment is non-refundable. The $45,000 USD balance must be received via bank transfer or personal check prior to shipment.

From my young age have admired Enfield Bullet, Jawa, Yezdi, Rajdoot and other motor cycles – the present day 100cc – Suzukis, Kawasakis, Hondas and more – are no match for those old beasts.  Confederate Motors, Inc. is a manufacturer of exotic street motorcycles in Birmingham, Alabama. It was founded in 1991 by trial lawyer H. Matthew Chambers, as an initiative seeking “enlightened design through true American inspiration.” You will be surprised to read that the Company went bust in 2001, but recovered years later. The factory and production were  affected by Hurricane Katrina too.  Confederate Motor Co. sold 37 bikes in 2008 and anticipated the sale of 30 bikes in 2009, due to the recession; clearly numbers is not their drive. 

I had posted earlier something on the power machines – ‘bentley of motorcycles’ in Dec 2011 ~ that there are some beastly marvels even in a places ‘fuel economy’ – ‘kithna dethe’  is the primary aspect; that was about the Jason Trawick [boyfriend of Britney Spears] purchasing a powerful vehicle - Confederate X 132 Hellcat; it was stated that the rate of production was two units per week ! ~ the pre-order price was set at $45,000 through February 29, 2012 and was to go up  to $49,500 on March 1, 2012. 

No need to further state that the long awaited Confederate X132 Hellcat became sought after  immediately once it was unveiled and the 2163 cc monster has become an instant hit. 

Now it is reported that Police in Ranchi  are feeling the heat and have requested Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s family to inform them about India captain’s early morning bike rides purely for security reason. Dhoni’s love for mean machine is well known and in the last few days, he has been seen driving early morning to the local stadium to watch the training of young archers and footballers. A Senior Police official is quoted as saying that Dhoni can ride a bike but would be accompanied by escort parties. 

MSD is a proud owner of hellcat; reportedly went to train riding a bike; remember he kept Chennai police on toes as he was sighted in city suburbs in Chennai whence he went there to take delivery of his bike, which had a flat tyre later………. The  police will have to be on their toes till September 28 when the last CLT20 match in Ranchi concludes.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
17th Sept. 2013.

Photo courtesy : the hindu.

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