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Friday, November 9, 2012

domestic LPG gas cylinders and 6 cylinder restriction

4 decades ago, there were less than a handful of houses which had it – cooking was done by kerosene stoves and kerosene was the most sought after commodity.  Housewives were afraid of pressure cookers too.. there were lot of jokes of wives forgetting the close the gas stoves, coming to see movies and calling back their nearby homes to check whether they have switched the stove off – remember that there would be slides in Cinema theatres urging the people to ensure that they switch off the gas stoves immediately once the cooking is over…..

The red cylinder containing LPG is a prized possession for households and there is always concern as to how many days the connection would last and whether refill would be readily available. Now a days, most households have double cylinders and some have multiple connection too… still, people of worried of regular supply.  The distributor is a very important person and the arrival of gas delivery boy is heralded with happiness.  Do you know the rate of a gas cylinder ??????

Domestic LPG today is subsidized and hence are distributed only by Public sector Oil marketing companies. LPG for domestic cooking purposes is available in 14.2Kg capacity cylinders with authorized LPG distributors of IOCL. Markets where transporting the 14.2 Kg cylinders are inconvenient, LPG is also marketed in 5Kg cylinders.  Indane is very friendly to the housewife if used in the safe and specified manner. LPG installation for a household consists of ISI approved Gas Stove, Regulator and Suraksha hose. 

Use of LPG in India by customers is governed by LPG (Regulation of Supplies and Distribution) order.As domestic LPG is subsidized only one LPG connection is provided per family. As LPG distribution is controlled, each distributor has a specified area of operation and customers can avail the cylinders only if they are residing within the area of operation of a distributor.   Liquefied petroleum gas, also called LPG, GPL, LP Gas, liquid petroleum gas or simply propane or butane, is a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases used as a fuel in heating appliances and vehicles. There are the rules called Gas Cylinders Rules, 2004 which specifies and defines various aspects pertinent to this.  The Act  means the Explosives Act, 1884 (4 of 1884); "Auto LPG" means liquefied petroleum gas meant for automotive fuel conforming to specification IS:14861; 

In Sept. 2012, the Government has announced restriction of the supply of subsidised cooking gas to 6 cylinders per household in a year to fetch an additional Rs 20,300 crore.  The CCPA decided that each household will get 6 cylinders of 14.2-kg per annum at the subsidised rate of Rs 399 and any requirement beyond that would have to be procured at the market rate of Rs 746 per bottle.  It was the decision of the Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs [CCPA] headed by PM Dr Manmohan Singh.  It was stated that even  after the hike and restrictions on LPG, the government will be left with an under-recovery of Rs 167,000 crore this fiscal which is more than Rs 138,541 crore of 2011-12.  

The CCPA took the following decisions to be implemented with effect from the midnight of 13/14 September 2012 :
1) Restrict the supply of subsidized LPG cylinders to each consumer to6cylinders (of 14.2 Kg) per annum. 2) No increase in the price of PDS Kerosenewhich is currentlyRs. 14.83 per litre (at Delhi). The effect of capping supply ofsubsidized LPG cylinders at six per annum will lead to saving of subsidy on one third of the total LPG cylinders.Two third of the total cylinders will still be supplied at subsidized rate. To remove all confusions – here is what it would mean to ‘aamadmi’ – to us.

Each household LPG connection is eligible for 3 subsidized LPG cylinders between 14.09.2012 till 31.03.2013 and 6 cylinders from the next financial year.  Once you exhaust your entitlement, the supplies will be at non-subsidized prices.  The prices of non-subsidized cylinders will be notified very month by the PSU Oil marketing Company.  

The price of Indane Gas cylinder 14.2 kg  in Chennai is Rs.386.50 when subsidized and Rs.754.50 when not subsidized.   As given in the website of Indane, the price of  19 Kg as on September 01, 2012 is Rs.1533/- at Chennai; Rs.1407/- at Mumbai and Rs.1334/- at Delhi.      - chennaites we are paying a Rupee less than 200 more than Delhi

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.
9th Nov. 2012


  1. what is criteria to define the one family .if any there are seven person in a family then also they will get six cylinder or they have live in separate house to get the new connection.what is this funda there is should be well defined about the member in the family.Say on ration card members in family will get the ration food accordingly so does the cooking gas cylinder it should also well defined about the family member in number.if there is 3 poeple in family they are also getting one cylinder in month and if there are 6 people then Govt will still give them one cylinder in month.what the heck is this ? if anybody know this then please answer it.because when i talk to Gas company help line number then they also couldn't able to answer my question.

  2. Useful information. Recently there was a press report that a Central Minister, I forgot her name, was quoted as saying that the the quota of subsidised cylinders to a domestic household is 9 cylinders per annum

    Is this true? If yes why are the Gas distributors ignoring this rule?

    A. Ranganathan

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