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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Aedes delivers body-blow to killer Kasab

Naan Ee (English: I am a Fly) is a 2012 Indian Tamil Fictional film written and directed by S. S. Rajamouli – in Telegu, it is ‘Eega’.   The story is about how a young man, after being ruthlessly killed, is reincarnated as a fly in order to take revenge on his murderer.  While that gave ‘fly’ a hero image, something else is giving mosquito a ‘hero’s coverage’

There are some names which are associated with bad things and ‘Aedes’ is perhaps one – derived out of  Greek aēdēs, meaning "unpleasant" or "odious".  The all important red coloured body fluid which supplies oxygen to tissues gets affected by Aedes – coagulation, a complex process by which blood forms clots gets affected.  Aedes is a genus of mosquito originally found in tropical and subtropical zones, but now found on all continents excluding Antarctica. Some species have been spread by human activity.

The feared fever ‘dengue’ now prevalent in Chennai is linked to  -  Aedes aegypti,  a mosquito that can spread the dengue fever.   This aedes has suddenly acquired ‘hero status’ – being widely tweeted and commented upon in web…………….

Reason – ‘news that Pak terrorist, killer Kasab is afflicted with dengue’.  Reports state that biryani-loving Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab is said to be suffering from high-grade fever after being allegedly bitten by a mosquito.  Some  ‘pundits’ put that  an inquiry has been ordered into how the mosquito managed to infiltrate the high-security prison.

Even as there are contradicting reports on confirmation of the sole surviving gunman in the 26/11 attacks, Mohammed Ajmal Kasab reportedly having contracted dengue fever in the high-security Arthur Road central prison – there have been viral shares humorously and some with anger commenting on his newly acquired status.   Some reports state that tests  conducted on him so far have however, tested negative for the illness but adds that even if he was found to have the illness, he would be treated inside his cell and not taken to a hospital for treatment.

Here is some interesting tweets [coutesy :]
Ramesh Srivats@rameshsrivats  : Ajmal Kasab has Dengue? Oho. By now, he is supposed to be deceased, not diseased.
Comedy Central India@ComedyCentralIn : Kasab has been suspected for Dengue, an expected comment at this hour could be 'Mosquitoes should not take the law in their own hands'.
Aditya Chaturvedi@Arch_Warrior :  Indian Jailers shud learn from this Kasab Dengue case.Leave a few deadly mosquitoes in each criminal's cell,THEY work faster than our system

After nearly a four-year-long legal battle, on August 29 the Supreme Court had confirmed the death penalty awarded to the LeT operative by the trial court and later upheld by the Bombay high court. His mercy petition is pending before the President of India

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.
4th Nov. 2012

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