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Thursday, March 23, 2023

the ever-green relationship !!

 Life is all about friendship and relationships !  - there are people who are lonely and more so, fascinated by remaining so.  Not all !  - many would like to have many friends,  people claim that they want to be sociable and speak people happily. 

Most of us grew in cities fascinating ourselves to be practicing  glamorous city life surrounded by a group of close friends. Over the years, for sure, most have  made lots of friends: childhood friends, work friends, college friends, writer friends, travel friends, friends who share passions,  WA group friends and more.  We may like  to chat over coffee even with  friends who live far away   whom one talks rarely or even those whose face is unknown.  But close friends? “Friends” level friends? – may not be many !!  

Many crave for the right time to  engage in a little self-disclosure. This gives your partner in conversation permission to also self-disclose. You may get to understand each other.  Too much closeness can be a little frightening. Even those who are close don't need to connect too frequently or on a deep level all the time. Sometimes a little space and levity also feed a close relationship and help keep it alive and well.  

Perhaps the foundation of friendship and getting nearer is ‘trust’ !  When you trust someone, it means that you believe they are dependable, reliable, and honest. A certain amount of trust is necessary for relationships.  But trusting other people is not always easy, and the closer the relationship is, and the more you have to reveal yourself, the harder it can be. Trust doesn't just involve believing that others are reliable. It also means making yourself vulnerable and believing that others will live up to your expectations and act with good intentions. That can be a big ask, and not everyone is prepared or willing to accept the risk of making themselves vulnerable.


Forget everything above  - this post is all about the trust this parrot has in me.  Parrots fly away when they feel, we are watching eve from a distance !!

Regards – S. Sampathkumar



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