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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Taking good photo - focus on the Centre !!

 Centre is the  middle point or part. 

What  should be the focus or Centre point of concern for a civilized society – is it protection to innocent or ensuring that the criminal too is not subjected to any harsh punishment !! 

The Centre should consider whether there can be a "less painful" alternative to death by hanging way of carrying out death sentences than hanging, the Supreme Court said today. The Supreme Court asked the Centre to initiate a discussion and collect information to examine if there can be a less painful method than hanging by the neck. Attorney General   was asked to get back to the court on any study on the impact of death by hanging. 

The court said it was open to setting up a panel of experts to consider the subject, as it heard a petition seeking a "painless end for death convicts”. The petition also suggests shooting, lethal injection or the electric chair instead of hanging. .. .. never worry  of the pain and suffering of the victim, more so of the survivors and their families ! 

Every budding photographer tries to focus and keep his object at the centre – focus is required and there are single and multi-point cameras.  

Autofocus (AF) uses AF points and AF areas to acquire focus. DSLR  cameras  let you choose from a number of AF point and AF area patterns, from single points to zones, and mixtures of both. Understanding the different patterns will bring you closer to getting the shots you want. 

Without knowing how focus works, it’s difficult to create the pictures we’re looking for. We need focus to make images that impact our viewers and convey the emotions we feel when working with a subject.  Understanding focus in photography starts with breaking down the different ways you can find focus with your lens and camera. From learning how to focus in-camera using both manual and autofocus to using the best photography focus techniques to nail your focus is all about learning to shoot great !

All photographers should know how to focus manually. No matter how advanced your camera is, it still can’t read your mind. Sometimes there isn’t enough light for the autofocus system to work, or you have the wrong focus area selected. Manual focusing can help you capture the moment much faster. Despite autofocus being much easier, some photographers prefer manual focus mode for some genres like landscape, portrait, or macro.


.. .. ..   .Here is a beautiful kolam in front of Nammalwar sannithi for Sri Parthasarathi perumal Amaasai purappadu, a cow standing at the centre, white thirukudai inside .. .. and for some whatever you try to do, there is always an element of surprise, photo-bombing ! 

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

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