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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Vadakkapattu is no more !!

Vadakkapattu is no more !!  

The purpose of life is service unto Him.  Many Srivaishnavas live life happily doing kainkaryam to Emperuman. 

At every divyadesam – there are people doing various types of kainkaryam at Thirukovil. 

Thiruvallikkeni has distinguished many !  .. .. Vadakkapattu Ramaswami (most know him as Vadakkapattu!) excelled .. .. a couple of decades of ago, in his prime youth, have seen him do – Sripadham, Thiruchinnam, Thirukkkudai and every other kainkaryam with ease at Sri Parthasarathi thirukkovil.  Have seen from close quarters, his carrying the big thiruther kalasam, climbing on thiruther and fixing it, so also construction of theppam. 

Every function, more so, temple related – Acaryan sarrumurai and the like – he used to tie vazhai maram, thoranam, pattasu thoranam, mathappu and more !! – such people never thought of any risks involved, just saw Emperuman and thought it their duty !!  He had expansive knowledge in our Sampradhayam and every ritual at the Temple. 

Very sincere dedicated kainkaryabarar – sadly is no more ! – breathed his last and reached Emperuman this evening.

Om Shanthi .. .. deep condolences to his grieving family.  Triplicane mourns the passing away !! 

11th Oct 2022

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