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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

fire in Evin prison .. .. hostile fire !!


தீ என்பது - நெருப்பு; அக்கினி - தொட்டால் சுடும் என்பது உணர்தல் அறிவு.  தீ  என்பது வெப்பத்தை வெளியேற்றும் வேதியியல் செயலான தகனத்தின்போது, பொருட்களில் விரைவான ஆக்சிசனேற்றம் நிகழ்ந்து, பிழம்புகளுடன் கூடிய வெப்பம், ஒளி ஆகியவற்றை வெளியேற்றி எரியும் ஒரு நிகழ்வு ஆகும்.  என் பள்ளி நாட்களில் (1981)  ஆர். கிருஷ்ணமூர்த்தி இயக்கத்தில்  ரஜினிகாந்த், ஸ்ரீபிரியா, சுமன் நடிக 'தீ' என்றொரு படம் வெளிவந்தது.   

Some search on fire led to so many unrelated news .. .. for an Insurer, Fire – is accidental fire and not cooking fire.  Also read about ‘hostile fire’ – a term, related to property insurance and this post is not on insurance !! 

The Alborz  is a mountain range in northern Iran that stretches from the border of Azerbaijan along the western and entire southern coast of the Caspian Sea and  runs northeast and merges into the smaller Aladagh Mountains. 

Evin Prison is a famour prison of Tehran, Iran in news now. The prison has been the primary site for the housing of Iran's political prisoners since 1972, before and after the Islamic Revolution, in a purpose-built wing nicknamed "Evin University" due to the number of students and intellectuals housed there.

An ongoing series of protests and civil unrest against the government of Iran began in Tehran in mid Sept  2022 as a reaction to the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini who had been arrested by the Guidance Patrol for wearing an "improper" hijab—in violation of Iran's mandatory hijab law—while visiting Tehran from Saqqez.  The protests quickly spread from Amini's hometown of Saqqez to other cities in the province of Kurdistan and to other provinces within Iran. In response to these demonstrations, the Iranian government implemented regional shutdowns of Internet access. As protests grew, a widespread Internet blackout was imposed along with nationwide restrictions on social media

Evin Prison was constructed in 1972 under the reign of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. It is located at the foot of the Alborz mountains on the former home of Ziaeddin Tabatabaee, who briefly served as prime minister in the 1920s. The grounds of the prison include an execution yard, a courtroom, and separate blocks for common criminals and female inmates.  In Feb 1979, during the Iranian Revolution crowds of rebels stormed the prison and freed all the inmates. 

On 15 October 2022, amidst the Mahsa Amini protests, a severe fire started in this prison, and media reports state that the sound of security forces shooting was heard from inside the prison during numerous clashes with prisoners.  The Center for Human Rights in Iran confirmed that it has received reports that there was a "gun battle" in Evin prison – some people died in the fire.

The deadly fire at the Evin prison in the Iranian capital of Tehran was made possible by the cooperation of "hostile agents" with Israeli, British and US supervisors to organize unrest, Chief Justice of Iran Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejei said on Monday. Iran's chief justice noted that these agents served as an "operational staff" during the fire at the prison and helped Israeli, British and US "elements" organize civil unrest in the country. Some inmates tried to escape from the prison but were caught, IRNA said, adding that on Sunday morning, the situation in the prison stabilized.

Would post more on Fire – hostile fire as related to Insurance claim shortly. 

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
18th Oct 2022.

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