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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Life saving Oxygen ! .. .. let us spread only positivity and appreciate good souls !!


A little knowledge is a dangerous thing ~ a biased knowledge is the prejudiced tainted thing! 

We read so much about it – but do we really know anything about it ? –Oxygen

Oxygen is a highly reactive element that is very abundant on earth and in the human body. It is found in many compounds that are used to sustain basic life forms and modern civilization.  Oxygen is ubiquitous; it comprises approximately 46% of the crust, 21% of the atmosphere, and 61% of the human body.  Oxygen has two allotropes (dioxygen, O2, and ozone, O3), both excellent oxidizing agents. Oxygen is typically observed in the -2 oxidation state, in the form O2-, but it can also form other ions such as peroxide, O22-, and superoxide, O2-. With different possible oxidation states, many possible molecular compounds can be formed when an element reacts with oxygen.  Oxides are chemical compounds that contain at least one oxygen atom and at least one atom of another element. There are four principle oxidation states of oxygen: -2, -1, -1/2, and 0.  

.. .. and what is ‘cryogenic’ that we are hearing so often these days ?

To meet the shortage of Cryogenic tankers in the wake of Covid 19 surge sweeping the country, the pride of dairy co-operatives Amul has moved forward in a novel way. Amul has converted its Cryogenic tankers, used for Liquid Nitrogen gas for milk transportation, into Liquid Oxygen tankers. The development was shared by GCMMF’s Managing Director through a tweet “Amul is helping local administration in transportation of Oxygen by converting it’s Liquid Nitrogen gas Cryogenic Road  tanker.” Amul’s move has won it accolades from many people on social media. While a follower said “proud of your leadership & Amul”, another said “Very Good decision. People will be highly obliged for this. Thank you AMUL. Utterly Buttery “Gaseously “ AMUL.


In physics, cryogenics is the production and behaviour of materials at very low temperatures. The 13th IIR International Congress of Refrigeration   endorsed a universal definition of “cryogenics” and “cryogenic” by accepting a threshold of 120 K (or –153 °C) to distinguish these terms from the conventional refrigeration.  Cryogenicists use the Kelvin or Rankine temperature scale, both of which measure from absolute zero, rather than more usual scales such as Celsius which measures from the freezing point of water at sea level or Fahrenheit with its zero at an arbitrary temperature. (as usual this leaves me only more confused !)

No political post this – so for sure would not relish any comment on ‘North divide / panipoori / and the like – and my regards for a North Indian villain has skyrocketed in recent times (again I am not posting on Chennai Corporates or actors of tinseldom !)

 The past 12 months have seen rise of the Adani group. Once a medium-sized group based out of Ahmedabad, Adani’s companies now have the third-biggest market capitalisation among family-owned businesses in India after Tatas and Reliance Industries. This has made the group owners and promoters — the Gautam Adani family — the second wealthiest in business in India, ahead of older and well-established industrial families. Adani group companies now have a combined market capitalisation of around Rs 7.3 trillion !

Away from the financials, what interests us is - Gautam Adani-led diversified conglomerate Adani group has joined corporate India's efforts to bolster the national effort and capacity against the surging spread of COVID-19 in various measures – now in news of  importing cryogenic tanks and medical-grade oxygen cylinders from Saudi Arabia. The first shipment of four ISO cryogenic tanks filled with 80 metric tonnes of liquid medical oxygen are already on their way from Dammam in Saudi Arabia to Mundra in Gujarat. The group is also securing 5,000 medical-grade oxygen cylinders from Linde Saudi Arabia.  Meanwhile, it should also be noted that in addition to these efforts, the conglomerate is also arranging additional oxygen supplies for rapid distribution in Gujarat. In a Twitter post, Adani shared that each day his group is supplying 1,500 cylinders with medical oxygen to wherever they are needed in Kutch of Gujarat. Adani Group's efforts add to the contributions being made by the private sector majors like Tata Group, JSW Group, Reliance Industries Limited, ITC Limited, and many more towards helping the nation cope with the surging COVID-19 cases in the country.

Hats off to these great Nationalist industrialists – the one mentioned here and others who have been rendering so much of service to the Nation.  This is of no particular order. .. .. .. and there is this villain !!

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood who played a great role in helping migrants is now bringing oxygen plants from France and other nations for installing them at various places in India. Sonu Sood is planning to install at least four of the oxygen plants in the worst-hit COVID-19 states of India, including Delhi and Maharashtra.

"We have seen a lot of people suffering because of the unavailability of oxygen cylinders. We have got it now, and are already giving it to people. However, these oxygen plants will not only supply to entire hospitals but will also get these oxygen cylinders filled up, which will solve a major problem of the people suffering from Covid-19," said Mr Sood. According to an official release, the first plant has already been ordered and it will be arriving in 10-12 days from France. Sonu Sood said: "Time is the biggest challenge for us at the moment and we are working our best to make sure everything comes in time and we don''t lose more lives".

In tough times, let us read and spread goodness of these heroes only and not read about unwanted journalists who tweet against the Nation and use poor India pictures against the Nation.  The need of hour is help the needy to the utmost extent possible.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar


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