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Thursday, April 1, 2021

nothing Left in TN Assembly .... ignorance of Covid 19 protocol !!!

The Left parties in Tamil Nadu, the CPI and the CPM, were shocked when they drew a blank in the 2016 Assembly polls in the state. Together they got around 1.5 per cent of the vote in an alliance led by Vijayakanth’s DMDK – which, on paper, looked like a formidable alliance.   From 1957 to 2016, the Left has always had their members in the assembly. The 2016 Assembly poll debacle of the Left parties came about when they failed to find a place in either the DMK or the AIADMK alliance.  Perhaps LEFT is no longer a force in Tamil Nadu too .. ..

TN Assembly Elections are around the corner – a fortnight away – what is worrying for citizen is the rising nos. of Covid 19 affected and whether Corono too can be eliminated the same way .. .. … .  India added 46,951 new cases to the tally today in its bleakest day since November 11 while daily deaths climbed above 200 for the first time since January.

Large-scale violations of government-mandated coronavirus guidelines continue in Tamil Nadu ahead of the state elections even as authorities have directed political parties to ensure the wearing of masks in public meetings and roadshows. The oversight of Covid protocols is being reported as the southern state sees a spike in infections.  It was observed recently that only a few people with masks were seen and crowds did not follow social distancing norms amid poll campaigning by political parties.  Only a few days ago, authorities had made it a pre-condition for political parties - seeking permission for poll-related meetings - to ensure wearing of mask by attendees.

Tamil Nadu has seen a 100 per cent rise in COVID cases in nearly three weeks - from 474 fresh infections on March 1 to 989 new cases on Wednesday - due to what officials call "heightened political activity, rise in family functions including weddings and home quarantine violations". Health Secretary Dr J Radhakrishan said, "There is heightened political activity and many gatherings. People do not wear mask as you show on TV. Even if one has the virus, it spreads." A functionary of the Indian Medical Association blamed leaders who do not set an example during campaigns. "Even many leaders, who ought to be role models, do not wear masks," he said.

Political parties, however, claim they are doing their best. AIADMK spokesperson said, "Both Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam have told party cadre to wear masks at every meeting". His DMK counterpart said, "Our leader M K Stalin has vaccinated himself and has urged everyone to vaccinate themselves. He also advises party workers and the general public to wear a mask and follow social distancing to stop the spread of the virus." Meanwhile, MNM candidate for Chennai`s Velacherry has said he has tested positive and now plans for a hyper-digital campaign.While political parties appear to be largely not worried, people too have let their guard down across the state.  

Globally the nos. stand at 12,32,87,417 cases with 4,97,935 new cases in last 1 day !  USA has 29842972, followed by Brazil 11998233 and closely followed by India 11646081 – in past 1 day Brazil had 47774, while India had 46951 that is worrisome !

Concern over an alarming increase in new coronavirus cases in India - 131,750 over the past 72 hours - was underlined Monday by a spike in the 'R', or 'reproduction rate', of the virus, which has jumped to 1.32 - the highest since April last year, when there were fewer than 27,000 cases. The 'R' factor - a statistic used worldwide to track, and potentially, control the spread of the virus - is a measure of how many people are being infected by one infected person. A 'R' of 2.0 indicates that one person with COVID-19 will, on average, infect two others. Each of those two will infect two more (spreading the disease to an average of four people) and so on.

In a pandemic situation the ideal 'R' target is below 1.0, which ensures that the virus will eventually stop spreading because it cannot infect enough people to sustain the outbreak. In India the 'R' rate was below 1.0 for several weeks starting late November last year, which was welcome news as it forecasted a rapid decline in new Covid cases.

Pandemic has been spread with lot of false information and improper knowledge of things too .. .. here is a sad incident reported in TOI.   A 43-year-old Covid patient from Ramapuram, who was misguided about the availability of ambulance services by a corporation volunteer, took two MTC buses to get admitted at the King Institute of Preventive Medicine and Research in Guindy. The IT professional, who had fever for more than a week, on Saturday approached Chinna Porur Government Hospital for treatment. Doctors there advised him to undergo blood and RTPCR tests. Next day he got a call from Greater Chennai Corporation helpline informing him that he had tested positive. Since his parents were aged, he did not want opt for home quarantine. Instead, he sought support from the corporation to get admitted to an approved government healthcare facility.

The same day, a corporation volunteer reached his home to hand over the Covid positive certificate. The patient asked the volunteer whether he was eligible to use the government’s ambulance service. “The volunteer told me that the government had stopped sending ambulances for mild infections,” he said. The man then boarded an MTC small bus along route number S26 to reach Ashok Pillar and from there he took a regular D-series MTC bus to reach Guindy. He walked the rest of the way to the hospital. When TOI went to King Institute on Sunday, it found many patients, who did not have a private vehicle, walking towards the admission ward from Guindy bus stand and railway station.

“I know that it is a mistake but I had no other options. I was worried about taking my bike because I was not sure whether I could ride safely with fever. Also, I had no idea if I would find space to park my bike safely in the hospital,” the patient told TOI.  This is only one example of sheer negligence from a govt. hospital.  When contacted, the corporation volunteer admitted that he had told the patient about non-availability of ambulances. However, the information was incorrect. TOI called the 108 helpline and found that ambulance services were available for all Covid patients, the severity level notwithstanding. A senior officer from Zone XI (Valasaravakkam) said the patient could have contacted 108 if he needed help. The official said he would check with the volunteer about the misinformation and sort it out.

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