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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Covid 19 - some Corona statistics and Usain Bolt testing positive !


Causing worries to the authorities who are working to contain COVID-19, the active cases in the Chennai district has recorded a steady increase after a long 40-day of downward trend. As per the data provided by Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC),  1240 new active cases added for the last 20 days (August 3 to 23); 62 cases per day.  The trend of active cases, as per the data, show that it had peaked from 1007 on May 3 to 4012 on May 13 to 5461 on May 23 to 7805 on June 3 to 18673 on June 24 to 15814 on July 14 to 11983 on August 3 to  13223  on Aug 23. Death rate, however, came down by half for the last twenty days (from August 3 to August 23) as 405  compared to previous 20days that was 881 people have died (average 44 each day).

The dreaded Corona virus – Covid 19 – we read statistics everyday without understanding much of it and what it actually means to us !

A single-day spike of 61,408 infections has taken India's coronavirus caseload to 31,06,348, data from the Union Health Ministry this morning showed. The number of deaths climbed to 57,542 with 836 people dying of the disease in a span of 24 hours. Recoveries among COVID-19 patients in the country surged to 23,38,035, pushing India's recovery rate to 75.27 per cent. Maharashtra accounts for the maximum of cases (6,82,383), followed by Tamil Nadu (3,79,385), Andhra Pradesh (3,53,111), Karnataka (2,77,814), Uttar Pradesh (1,87,781) and Delhi (1,61,466). It took India  206 days to cross the 30 lakh-mark. The milestone came just 16 days after the country reported 20 lakh cases, according to data. India logged more than 20 lakh Covid cases on August 7.

This week, Delhi announced reopening of hotels in a bid to kick off the economy. But with few travellers and no tourists, the industry’s climb out of the pandemic is expected to be the hardest and the longest.  The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 213 countries and territories around the world and 2 international conveyances.

The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) had advised that Laura would be passing north of Jamaica yesterday and that the Meteorological Service of Jamaica had issued a flash flood watch for low-lying and flood-prone areas of all parishes, effective until 8:00 pm today. Laura — one of two tropical storms that marched across the Caribbean on Saturday as potentially historic threats to the US Gulf Coast — also dumped rain on Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Hispaniola. The other storm, named Marco, swept into the gulf through the gap between Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and Cuba. Laura and Marco are both projected to approach Louisiana’s coast at or close to hurricane force just two days apart in the next several days. 

In March, as the coronavirus spread rapidly across the world, Jamaica’s government closed its borders to prevent a spike in infections and deaths. The drastic move successfully limited the spread of the virus in the country, but it brought its economy to a standstill. On June 15th, Jamaica reopened its borders to tourists. After the arrival of more than thirty-five thousand people, there have been more than a hundred newly confirmed cases of COVID-19 on the island. The majority of them came from the United States. Jamaica, a nation whose economy is dependent on international movement, had no choice but to reopen.

A skit on BBC3’s Famalam series, which describes itself as a “super sharp sketch show starring black British talent”, has sparked widespread criticism from Jamaicans in the diaspora and at home — including expressions of disgust from Jamaican government ministers. The sketch, headlined “Jamaican Countdown”, calls itself “a Caribbean take on the classic gameshow about spelling”. Three characters, two men (one a ganja-smoking Rastafarian) and a woman, are trying to guess a word as another woman places vowels and consonants on the board. An over-sized clock on the wall depicts the shadow of a man standing with legs apart; early in the sketch he assumes a stance reminiscent of Usain Bolt's famous lightning bolt pose.

One need not look at the current US nominee for something on Jamaica - Nanny of the Maroons,   who appears on Jamaica’s $500 bill, was a fierce fighter who escaped slavery, freed more than 1,000 enslaved Black people from sugar plantations in Jamaica and waged a war, defeating the British during the First Maroon War from 1720 to 1739.  She is a hero to them.

The news from Jamaica is their another National hero - Usain Bolt has tested positive for coronavirus just days after partying with guests including England star Raheem Sterling for his 34th birthday in Jamaica, according to reports in the country. Nationwide90fm, a radio station in Jamaica, reports that the greatest sprinter of all time has contracted the disease and will spend time in self-isolation as a result.  The publication says that the 34-year-old took a test for the virus a few days ago and discovered on Sunday that he had tested positive for the disease.

The sprinting legend reportedly attended his birthday party in Jamaica last week. The 34-year-old tweeted 'Best birthday ever' last week and a Jamaican outlet reports that he took a coronavirus test days ago and has tested positive for the disease.  Bolt attended a surprise birthday party on August 21 which was attended by a host of big names, the Jamaican outlet reports. Manchester City star Sterling, Bayer Leverkusen attacker Leon Bailey and cricket legend Chris Gayle are believed to have been in attendance. Footage from the party showed Bolt laughing and dancing with his guests and even taking the microphone while speakers blared out an Adele song at the outdoor bash.  


It is not clear whether Bolt is suffering any symptoms of the disease but local media said he would 'proceed into isolation'.  Bolt would be one of the most prominent sportsmen in the world to contract the coronavirus, after tennis star Novak Djokovic tested positive in June and American major sports leagues were disrupted by bouts of the disease. On Saturday, prime minister Andrew Holness warned of a recent surge in cases and urged Jamaicans to 'exercise greater vigilance' to prevent the spread.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar


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