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Saturday, May 25, 2019

SYMA Growth Interviews ~ we march on to our 12th year

SYMA has an unsaturated desire for serving the Society. SYMA [Srinivas Youngmen’s Association]  has been in the field of Social service since 1977.  Education is the most important thing in life – it will give Worldly pleasures  and give pleasure to the world too; it will not diminish by giving; it will spread the fame of those possessing it; cannot be destroyed… there is no better medicine  than Education that can cure all ills.   At SYMA, we realize that  Education can refine a person and ensure one’s success in life.   We at SYMA, feel strongly the primary responsibility  of improving the Society and helping the underprivileged. 

6th July 2008 was indeed a very auspicious day ~ for on that day Mr. R Sekar, IPS, Commissioner of Police launched our Tuition Centre ‘Growth’  and a right beginning was made.  Every year since, we have been tasting grand success with very good results.   SYMA Growth – a fullfledged tuition centre, is our  cherished initiative in educating the economically poor children, uplifting their standards and making them responsible citizens, by providing quality educational support throughout the year free.    In this beautiful World, most students are frightened to face the Public examinations.  SYMA’s vision is  to provide good quality education training free of cost  for those students who suffer for want of opportunities. 

A few decades ago, things were far  were far different when we joined, studied and left … not these long queues, ordeal of admission, it was mostly of simple application filling and getting in – but when a seat is gotten with great difficulty, how many parents would visit the school, know the teacher of their son/daughter, ever interact with them. ….  Those days, the teacher was a learned, highly respected man – commanding wishes when he (or she) walked on the roads – and do you remember your favourite teacher ??   ~ how were you admitted in to school and as a parent what is your experience attending an interview for admission of your child ??  ~ every year,  we get more applicants for our free tuition centre – SYMA Growth .. .. in mid 1970s, my parents had some difficulty in enrolling my elder sister in to 3rd standard of N. Samarao School at Singarachari St. .. .. an innocuous statement by the school authorities, that enrolling in 1st Standard (no L.Kg / U.Kg at that time) – made by parents took the child playing at home and  put me into school – even they had not planned and had taken simply because there was none to take care ! ~ and thus began my education career .. ..  ‘Abhyium & Nanum’ movie was interesting – it revolved around Raghuraman and his home in Ooty. The way he narrates the story of his daughter Abhi's enrollment in school and his endless preparations for the 'parents' interview, not to mention his wife Anu's own treatment, was hilarious.

A couple of years back, The Hindu had an article on a techie taking half a day’s leave from work to collect the LKG admission form for his 4-year-old daughter from a famous Chennai convent.  He realised he had arrived late – he was there at 6 a.m. — only to find out that many other parents, also seeking LKG admission for their children, had parked themselves at the school much earlier. To avoid the rush, the school had put up notices outside asking parents to not wait as plenty of forms available, but this did not help. While some came in the morning, a large number had begun queuing up since the previous night.  This year for the 30 odd seats in each section of SYMA tuition centre, we issued around 45 applications for Commerce group & X English medium i.e., ensured issuance of application for all those who stood in the queue at the appointed hour – then in due process, giving weightage for host of factors that include parental income, parental education, disabilities, if any; single parent !; children brought-up by grandparents, type of school, locality and more – we gave marks to each applicant and based on that was the selection process of students  – we had set our eyes on random no. generation even !!!

I have been posting about our full-time tuition centre SYMA Growth providing quality tuition free to under-privileged children.  SYMA Growth students hand-picked from lower strata of society did so well last year too.  In  +2 it was  ‘all pass’ – making us proud.  [15 of them in Science group and 28 in Commerce group]   Our Student Ms Varsha was the topper in Science with 545 out of 600.  4 of them got above 400; 9 students are in the bracket 300-400.  In the Commerce group, the topper is Pugazhenthi 506/600.  6 got more than 400 and 12 above 300.  In X Standard too, our students  performed well.   In English medium out of 24 / 23 have passed (the other one is being checked) – our Growth topper is Ms Harini with 427/500 & Ms Jeevitha secured 418/500. o   In Tamil medium, (which perhaps represents the poorest of poor in the society) – of 13 students – 12  have passed.  The topper is Ms Afrin Banu with 318/500.

The success of SYMA Growth in uplifting the students from lower echelons of society is fully because of the untiring efforts of teachers of SYMA Growth.    SYMA places on record our profound thanks  to the Management of NK Thirumalachariyar National Boys High School, Mr S. Venkatadri, HM, NKT Boys High School, our beloved teachers of SYMA Growth.  Special appreciations are due to M/s Manpower Group India and Mr PV Venkatesan – for their support in fully-funding this project for the academic year 2019-20 too.

Every year we conduct a personal interview for the students and their parents. For X standard it was conducted on 23.5.2019 and today (25.5.2019) it was for +2.  Primarily, to students,  we emphasise the need for being disciplined, coming to classes punctually and concentrate on studies.  To parents, this is to emphasise the value of this tuition centre, not to get carried by the notion of ‘free tuitions’ –realise the quality, the need for having  a vision for their children, follow-up with teachers and our coordinator on the way their ward attend tuition and the way they shape up. There is certain need for regular interaction and regular follow-up and we make them understand how parents have a role in shaping the career and in ensuring a right environ for their children to study.

11 years have fleeted past; SYMA office-bearers carry on with same zest and zeal in providing quality education to poor free and in assisting them reach higher echelons of society – only education can do that and SYMA Growth is the best platform as evidenced by the results thus far.  During the personal interaction with the parents, I was pleasantly surprised and really felt happy in hearing that a student of our Growth has since joined BDS [Dental medicine] through NEET and is studying well.  When the mother praised us for the role in shaping the role of her daughter and raising their value in society, we felt overwhelmed.

WE pray to our Sri Parthasarathi Emperuman, the presiding deity of Thiruvallikkeni divyadesam to keep showering his munificence and show us the path, give us the strength to work untiringly for the goals of SYMA ~ which is social service to the society without thinking of any recompense.

Here are some photos of the interview of X standard students of SYMA Growth.  SYMA rededicates itself to the cause and have initiated the beginnings for 12th year @ SYMA Growth – the Academic year 2019-20.  This year too - @ Growth, we have 4 Sections – X Std Tamil; X Std English; +2 Commerce & +2 Science.  

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

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