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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Isai kutchery ~ praying for rains .. at Thiruvallikkeni : ஆழி மழைக்கண்ணா !! வாழ உலகினில் பெய்திடாய் !!

ஆழி மழைக்கண்ணா !!   ஒன்றுநீ கைகரவேல் .. .. தாழாதே சார்ங்க முதைத்த சரமழைபோல்,  வாழ உலகினில் பெய்திடாய்  !!   .. ... மேகத்தின் முழக்கம் மகிழ்ச்சிக்கு உறுப்பாதலால் ஆர்த்து என்று பாசுரம் பாடினாள்  கோதை பிராட்டி

Rain water, also called precipitation, is a natural feature of the earth's weather system. Air currents in the atmosphere bring evaporated water from the ocean and the earth's surface up into the sky. The evaporated liquid condenses in the cold air, forming moisture-filled rain clouds.  Rains are of absolute necessity for mankind  ~ for flora, fauna too.

மழைதுளிகள் மனிதசமுதாயத்தை வாழ்விப்பன.  மழைநீர் மானுடர்களுக்கு இன்றிமையாதது. தமிழகம், குறிப்பாக சென்னை மாநகரம் நீர்வளம் குறைந்து கடும் கோடை வெய்யிலில் வாடுகிறது. ஆலி; சோனை; தூறல்; சாரல்; மழை; அடைமழை;  கனமழை; மாரி  ~ என பல பெயர்களில் மழை அழைக்கப்படுகிறது. கடைச்சங்க காலத்து எட்டுத்தொகை நூல்களுள் ஒன்றான அகநானூற்றில் மேகத்திலிருந்து பொழியும் மழையானது மீண்டும் ஆகாயத்தில் மேகமாக மாறும் என்பதை சங்ககால நக்கீரர் குறிப்பிட்டுள்ளார்.

Flooding rain, tornadoes, large hail and damaging winds are among the threats as a severe weather outbreak persists across the south-central U.S. on Wednesday.Potent thunderstorms unleashed hail as large as baseballs, flooding rainfall and numerous tornadoes across western portions of Texas and Oklahoma on Tuesday and Tuesday night as a severe weather outbreak jolted the region.At least 14 preliminary tornadoes were reported on Tuesday. Law enforcement confirmed a tornado moved from Howardwick to Alanreed, Texas, which is east of Amarillo, Texas. ~ the situation in Chennai is far different

Most of the Earth's surface is covered with water -- and most of it is water we can't drink. 97 percent of Earth's water is salty sea water which is useless to most land-dwelling plants and animals. That's why rain and snow are crucial to life on Earth. Precipitation supports life on land with salt-free water.Rain and snow are part of a larger process called the hydrologic cycle, which transports water from the ocean to land and back again.

Rains supply  water that terrestrial organisms need -- either directly in the form of rain that falls on soil where plants grow, or indirectly in the form of lakes, streams and ponds where animals can drink. Animal and human cells are made up of 90 percent water, so without fresh water, most life could not exist. Some precipitation meets with another fate: it slowly seeps its way into the ground and penetrates porous rock layers to become groundwater. This groundwater also plays an important role for life both directly and indirectly.

Back home, Tamil Nadu is staring at a severe drought. This March, the state government had declared that 24 of 32 districts have been hit by hydrological drought. At least 19 districts have reported a fall in groundwater levels in 2019, compared to only three districts in 2018.  The State Govt has thought it appropriate to organise ‘Yagnas’ seeking divine intervention for rains.

A circular issued by the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HR & CE) department has urged the authorities of temples under its control to perform yagnas to beget rains. Dated April 28, the circular explains the ways by which the yagnas are to be performed. This includes constructing a water tank around Nandhi and filling it with water to the level of Nandhi’s neck, and to arrange musical concerts involving ragas like Amirthavarshini, Megavarshini and Kethari that would supposedly please the rain gods.

We are believers and we firmly believe that praying to God will sure provide us succour.  Srinivas Youngmens Association in association with Brahmin Welfare Association, Triplicane is organising a music-fete praying for rains.

On Sunday 18th May 2019 @ Gangaikondan Mandapam, Thiruvallikkeni – an ensemble of vidwans will play Nadaswaram, Flute, Morsingh, Violin, Thavil, Mridangam.  The group from Thiruvatteeswarar Temple will play ‘siva vadhyam’ preceded by group recital of Thiruppavaipasuram by Munithrayabajanai mandala and SoundaryaRathnamala.

All are welcome ~ let all of us assemble and pray to our Emperuman – rains are needed and timely rains will bring down the heat, provide water and help all the residents.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
8th May 2019.

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