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Monday, November 6, 2017

Vice President Sri Venkayya Naidu honours Adikavi Nannaya

Pulakesi II (609–642) of Chalukya Dynasty, the ruler of Vatapi (Badami of Karnataka) conquered Vengi (Andhra) and sent Kubja Vishnuvardhana, his brother, as viceroy for the Vengi region. Later in 634 AD, Vishnuvardhana declared himself independent and established Eastern Chalukya Dynasty in Andhra Pradesh that lasted for five centuries. Sanskrit Mahabharata was very popular but  Puranaas were not available in Telugu.

Rajahmundry is located on the banks of the Godavari River.  It is a municipal corporation known for its historic agricultural, economic and cultural backgrounds.  One cannot miss necking out to see the beautiful river Godavari  as the train passes on the bridge.   One of the longest road cum rail bridges across Godavari River, connects the city with the town of Kovvur. Rajahmundry was established by Ammaraja Vishnuvardhana the First (919–934 AD). Years later, the district Rajahmundry was carved in Madras Presidency in 1823.  In fact it was,  Rajamahendravaram, renamed Rajahmundry during the rule of the British.

Rajahmundry is acclaimed as the birthplace of the Telugu language – its grammar and script evolved from the pen of  its native  poet Nannayya. Also known as 'Adi Kavi' (the first poet) of Telugu, Nannayya, along with Tikkana and Yerrana, translated the Sanskrit version of Mahabharata into Telugu. Kandukuri Veeresalingam – a social reformer and the author of Rajashekhara Charithra, the first Telugu novel – was also from Rajahmundry.  The town had its share in Indian freedom struggle too.   When the Indian National Congress had its first meeting in Bombay, two leaders from Rajahmundry, Nyapathi Subba Rao and Kandukuri Veeresalingam, participated in it.

University in Rajamundry established in 2006 is named - Adikavi Nannaya University through the Government of Andhra Pradesh Act No. 28 of 2006. It is named after Nannayya. The university attends to the educational needs of both Godavari districts.

Nannaya Bhattaraka (Nannayya) is considered the earliest known Telugu author, and the author of the first third of the Andhra mahabharatam, a Telugu retelling of the Mahabharata. This work, which is rendered in the Champu style, is chaste and polished and of a high literary merit. The first treatise on Telugu grammar, the "Andhra Shabda Chintamani", was written in Sanskrit by Nannaya.  He is known as Adi Kavi in recognition of his great literary work.

Yesterday, our Vice President Sri Venkayya Naidu garlanded the statue of Adikavi at Rajahmundry.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
6th Nov. 2017

PS : though I have halted and boarded trains at Rajahmundry railway station so many times, most of what I have written is new to me.  It is always fascinating to stand near the coach gate and enjoy holy  Godavari river flowing as the train passes on the bridge. 

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  1. I have enjoyed the thrill when train used to make rattling noise while passing the bridge. Quite true.