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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

claim on owner as donkey causes damage to car

‘Equus africanus asinus’, a domesticated member of the horse family, Equidae – is also found in the city…. In villages, it could be a common sight – nearer Vivekananda College in Sivasami Salai, one can find couple of them,  an animal once used extensively by launderers. A male donkey or ass is called a jack, a female a jenny or jennet.  Donkey’s work often goes unrecognized be it in  Office or for the original animals.

Humans owe a lot to the humble donkey. Domesticated for more than five millennia, they have been used for everything from farming to warfare.   In this advanced industrialised World too,  the  poorest communities still rely on donkeys for their day-to-day needs and nowhere is this more apparent than in China: after two decades of economic growth, the country’s donkey population has dropped by almost half. This decline has had an unintended consequence for traditional medicine.

Elsewhere, a  petition to ban 'cruel' donkey rides from a traditional English seaside resort has gained more than 110,000 signatures in just six days. Supporters say the animals endure unnecessary suffering as they are forced to walk up and down seafronts carrying children in hot weather with no rest. The petition was set up by a woman who visited Clevedon, Somerset, on a hot day. It calls on the local council to ban the rides on Salthouse Fields, a public park on the seafront.

A South African man has been jailed for having sex with a donkey after a witch doctor told him it would make him stronger.  The man in his early 20s,  ushered two donkeys away from their herd in a secluded area of Eastern Cape, South Africa.  He had sex with one before the grandson of the donkeys' owner chased him away thinking he was stealing the animals; later he has been jailed for bestiality.

In Germany, in a strange incident leading to a queer Court case, a donkey owner had to face proceedings after his pet began eating a carrot-coloured supercar. Businessman Markus Zahn parked his £280,000 McLaren 650S Spider next to a paddock in Vogelsberg, central Germany last week. When the 49-year-old got back in his car he looked in his rear view mirror to see a donkey munching on the rear bumper.

The animal named Vitus caused £30,000 worth of damage ~ the man preferred a claim with Motor car Insurer -  but the Insurance company did not pay out the full amount, claiming he was partly to blame for parking next to a paddock.

Mr Zahn was philosophical about the incident, explaining: “The donkey probably thought the car was a carrot on wheels. I’m not mad at him.”.. but when the Insurers claimed negligence and did not pay a portion, he  was still left with a €6,000 (£5,280) bill and  thence sought compensation from the donkey’s owner.

Not sure whether the Insurer’s decision on willful negligence was contested, the State Court in Gissen, however, reportedly  sided with the car owner, ruling the donkey’s owner was liable for the damage.

Do you have a pet ?

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
28th Sept. 2017.

Photos and news credit : MailOnline UK

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