Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bank Security fires and kills robber ~ Suresh Gopi Kashmeeram

Its website describes it to be - employee-owned and locally operated -  Alpine Bank has been a part of Colorado since 1973.  We may never enter into the bank.

Back home, we see them in some ATMs (some are unguarded) – the aged not so fit guard could be sleeping.  There are so many apartment complex in the city, which employs old retired people as security.  Some of them are so aged, unable to make some firm steps, do odd menial jobs, while people call them security guards.  Insurers often put warranties in Cash and cash-in- transit policies  - ‘accompanied by security / employs round the clock security; accompanied by gun-wielding security staff’ – what translates in reality is such old people and those British period weaponry – makes one wonder whether the guard can ever lift the gun leave alone shoot at a robber ! – whether they can, whether they will !

Remember seeing Telugu dubbed version of Suresh Gopi starrer Kashmeeram directed by Rajiv Anchal.  The film starts with NSG Officer Shyam (Suresh Gopi) arresting a terrorist nicknamed Jagmohan Pandey. Usha Varma (Sharada), the judge of the case happens to be the sister of the Indian Home Secretary Rajan Varma (Lalu Alex). In retaliation to the arrest, the terrorists kill Unni, Usha's son. Following this incident the government enlists Z Category protection for Justice Usha Varma and her family. Black Cat Commando Team under Shyam is assigned the protection.  As he manouvres to protect them, he is hated and teased by the daughter of the Judge.  In the climax, after eliminating the terrorists, Suresh Gopi would be shown walking the same steps, this time protecting another person !

That is the life of Security – who undergo difficulties to protect the Nation and  the high ranking officials and politicians too.   The film was inspiring and Suresh Gopi did add respect to the role !

Miles away, a  heroic security guard has been caught on camera shooting a bank robber dead after the criminal threatened customers and tellers with a gun.  Serial armed robber Laurence Turner, 34, walked into Alpine Bank in Rockford, Illinois, armed with a gun and wearing a ski mask.  As he pointed his pistol at staff behind the counter, Brian Harrison whipped out his gun and shot the criminal dead - all of which was caught on security footage.

Footage from the bank captures Turner getting out of his car covering his face and carrying a bag. He fires at the ceiling before aiming his gun at Mr Harrison, who is a retired Winnebago County Sheriff's Department deputy. Laurence Turner, 34, is pictured entering the bank firing his gun at the ceiling wearing a blue ski mask – as two tellers cower behind the counter, Brian Harrison draws his gun and shoots the robber.  Bank staff  are seen hiding behind the counters.  The incident occurred on January 20, and the hero security guard had been sweating over whether or not charges would be brought against him. MailOnline reports that Winnebago County State Attorney Joe Bruscato confirmed yesterday that he acted in self-defense and in the defense of others and will therefore face no charges.

The intruder  was shot in his chest and his buttocks. Turner had stolen his mother's Hyundai Santa Fe on the morning of the robbery, which was at least his fourth in three months. He held up Mincemoyer Jewelers on November 23 to steal a laptop, Harvard State Bank five days later when cash was taken and Members Alliance Credit Union on December 16 when he took money again by brandishing a gun.  An autopsy showed Turner had opiates, THC and cannabis in his system, Bruscato told the RR Star. 

In a letter to the Star's editor in the aftermath of the incident, the bank said Mr Harrison had 'acted with courage and quickness to protect our family. You are a hero to each and every one of us'.

Any comments !

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

15th Mar 2017


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