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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Chinese dogs imported ~ stowaway puppies travel in container for 25 days ! to Chennai

There are perceptions ~ there are news too … every year  in China, thousands of dogs and cats are cruelly killed and used for food at the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.  There are pets too – dog ownership has skyrocketed in China, with 62 million canine companions registered nationwide, according to a survey by a Beijing consultancy. (Dogs are the most popular pet in China, followed by cats and turtles.) Even more dogs are believed to be unregistered because fees can reach hundreds of dollars each year. There are some popular brand of dogs unique to China ~ .. .. and would you be interested in importing them ? – Chinese products are dumped in the market – and should this one too be added to the long list !!

As we travel on the road, we see goods movement – there are huge containers stuffed with cargo inside.  It is common knowledge that all goods imported or exported out of India pass through the procedure of Customs for the purposes proper examination, appraisal, assessment and evaluation. This is done to check the legality of the trade as also for charging taxes as applicable. There are documents known as Bill of entry and Shipping Bill which would provide the necessary declaration to the Customs about the goods that are contained inside the box.

For long clearance by the Customs and assessment of customs duty used to take long time and was cumbersome – the introduction of tariff and categorisation of goods as also the modernisation including e filing of B/E have all eliminated the delay to a large extent. Some major importers are granted the facility of green channel clearance. This is just like walking out of the airport unchecked based on a mere declaration of what you possess. Thus there would be no physical examination of goods for assessment or check up.

A teenage boy sneaked into the cargo hold of an Emirates passenger plane in China and made it all the way to Dubai before being apprehended. The Dubai-based airline said the stowaway was found in the cargo hold of Flight EK303 from Shanghai on May 27. It is thought the 16-year-old boy, identified by his surname Xu, wanted to make a living by being a beggar in Dubai. The Airline did confirm that   a stowaway was found in the cargo hold of flight EK303 from Shanghai to Dubai.  The airline did not give any details on the identity or condition of the stowaway, who had been in the cargo-hold for more than nine hours. He made the risky journey on the Airbus A380 because he had heard that beggars in Dubai could earn 470,000 Yuan (£49,465 / Rs.42.68 lakhs) a month, according to the agency.

If you thought it is unbelievable, do read this newsitem from  Times of India of date.  Two puppies popped out of a sealed container that arrived in Chennai from China at the Salcomp factory in the Nokia telecom SEZ in Sriperumbudur, astounding not just the staff but also veterinarians, who realized the dogs had survived a journey of 25 days across 3,000km without food and water.

When staff at the factory opened the container with machinery , they were surprised to find two puppies they had not ordered along with the spare parts. Vets believe that it is a miracle that the puppies survived without food or water for over three weeks.  Generally , they can go without feed or water for about a week. This seems to be an extraordinary exception.  The puppies - about three-and-a-half months old, were taken to their shelter in Velachery on Saturday afternoon.  The Nokia park security noted that the “puppies were found in a dehydrated, famished and sick condition“. The container was sealed in China on September 5, and arrived at Sriperumbudur factory on  30th Sept. 2016.  It is stated that there  was no trace of any food inside the container. 

Another veterinarian from the Animal husbandry department said puppies should be quarantined for a fortnight to ensure they are not carrying any viruses.

Interesting !

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

2nd Oct 2016.


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