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Saturday, December 5, 2015

rain relents .... SYMA continues relief work at rain affected places - day 4

Yesterday there were sharp rains which threatened and raised fears of situation in Chennai getting worser.  Today too there were some showers but fortunately they appear not to be as bad and the situation is definitely improving.

People may be tired of rains – SYMA continued its relief work for the 4th day in succession.  Today too we had 2 boats, 2 trucks + a car and more – carrying food packets, dress materials, biscuits, bread and today thoughtfully milk packets for children [and some sanitary napkins too]

The winding  Old Mahabalipuram Road (Rajiv Gandhi Salai)  starts near the Kasturba Nagar Railway station -  the Madhya Kailash temple in Adyar in South Chennai – winds it way till Mahabalipuram – being the earliest route – it carries the name ‘Old Mahabalipuram Road’ – this is State highway-49A.   The corridor, an ambitious six-lane project with service lanes and landscaping, came in to being around 2005 – the 1st phase being  20.1 km from Madhya Kailash junction  to Siruseri — it is ever expanding and already struggling to find space for the ever increasing no. of users.  The IT Corridor Project, was an initiative of Government of Tamil Nadu to develop the Corridor as a world-class facility and to promote a progressive and IT/ITES friendly image of Tamil Nadu.  There are so many IT, ITES and other big companies on the way.

…… and this was one of the areas badly affected with traffic closed in some sections – all opened and buses running today, is a good news.

Semmencherry is a suburb situated in Kancheepuram District – Wikipedia describes.  It has a temple of Pallava era, a notified heritage structure.   It is a stone’s throwaway from Sholinganallur junction [Aavin] and has got a bus terminus too.  It has many slums and many big building projects including one by Housing board.  Some regularly travelling on OMR and marvelling the beautiful buildings on either side of the road, may not be aware that there are places like Semmencherry lying just a kilometre away from the main road.

Today’s destination was Semmencherry – we did not go to the usual nagars but with material  loaded on the boat to the vast expanse of construction in knee deep flowing water and inside there are more than 150 people – construction workers with many children.  There we distributed food, dress, milk and others. 

Then we moved on to Kannagi Nagar nearer Thuraipakkam – inside we were told by an active worker belonging to ruling party that there are around 2300 people and many of the areas were badly affected as Buckingham canal and the other waterbody from Thuraipakkam intersect this place and water gushed from the river.  When you have thousands of people, and you have few hundreds of blankets and the like – things could turn chaotic to violent.  We deposited them with the local councillor in a hospital building to be aggregated and distributed by them. 

Another group went to Kotturpuram area; while some more were distributed nearer Adyar Malar hospital.  SYMA is pondering on slowing down the relief and do some meaningful strategic support in rehabilitation.

We look forward to your support and views too……. SYMA heartily thanks all of you who have supported us financially - ~ from here and abroad; those who provided food and other material;  our own and other volunteers who have been tirelessly working with us in relief work.  We for sure would like to each one of you individually – in concluding,  One need not be rich – it is the mind and willingness – as we have been busy formulating our work in front of TJ Ramani house in East Mada Street, couple of vegetable vendors who have roadside shops approached us……….. for a moment one thought, they were going to ask for any help ………. One of them an old lady gave Rs.500/- while another man gave Rs.1000/-

Kind-hearted – We are really moved by their gesture.  Together we will continue to strive to make the society a better place.

Regards – S. Sampathkumar,
Secretary SYMA

5th Dec 2015

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