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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

currencies float in river ~ not in Adyar / Coovum .... in Danube !!

As Chennai is limping back to normalcy, there were reports of some risking their lives at the estuary of Coovum and Adyar where the rivers empty into Bay of Bengal.  Unconfirmed reports say that some jump, to retrieve [for themselves] – articles floating in the water !!

Republic of Austria, is a federal republic and a landlocked country in Central Europe; bordered by the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.  Austria's terrain is highly mountainous, lying within the Alps; only 32% of the country is below 500 metres (1,640 ft).

This beautiful river [photo credit : the guardian] classified as an international waterway, originates in the town of Donaueschingen—which is in the Black Forest of Germany—at the confluence of the rivers Brigach and Breg. It  then flows southeast for 1,914 km (1,189 mi), passing through four capital cities before emptying into the Black Sea via the Danube Delta in Romania and Ukraine.

It is the river ‘Danube’ -  Europe's second-longest river, after the Volga River, and also the longest river in the European Union region.  The Danube was once a long-standing frontier of the Roman Empire, and today flows through 10 countries. Originating in Germany, the Danube flows southeast for 2,860 km (1,780 mi), passing through or touching the border of Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine before emptying into the Black Sea. Its drainage basin extends into nine more countries. The Latin name Dānuvius is one of a number of "Old European" river names derived from a Proto-Indo-European *dānu.   In Rig Vedic Sanskrit, dānu means "fluid, drop", in Avestan, the same word means "river".  In the Rigveda, Dānu appears as the mother of Vrtra.  The Latin name is masculine (as is the name of the Rhine).

Mystified police in Austria are trying to find out how more than €100,000 Rs.72.46 lakhs approx) in €100 and €500 notes came  floating down in  an arm of the river Danube.

Investigations have so far found no criminal activity in the area in which such a sum had been lost, a spokesman for Vienna police said. One young man who spotted the treasure on Saturday jumped into the river to retrieve it, Oesterreich newspaper said.  Bystanders, thinking he was attempting to kill himself, alerted police, who arrived just as he was retrieving the money, of which is now trying to claim a share.

“The boy said he wanted to bring it to the police, but the question is whether the police found it or the boy,” the police spokesman said. In Austria, anyone who finds cash and brings it to the police can claim 5%-10% of the sum as finder’s fee  and has the right to receive the whole amount if its rightful owner cannot be identified within a year.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

8th Dec 2015.

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