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Sunday, October 26, 2014

41 year old Saravanan dies electrocuted ... in trying to be a good samaritan !!!

Saravanan, a  41 year old person passed away and that appears as a small news in TOI page 2 – that really makes a sad reading.  The TOI news reads :  A 41-year-old man was electrocuted when he came in contact with a snapped live cable in Neelankarai on Friday. Two others sustained injuries while trying to rescue him. Saravanan of Senkeni in Neelankarai was an AIADMK worker.  The Neelankarai police registered a case and are investigating.

Electric Shock is  a condition that occurs when there is a flow of electricity through that body. It is usually caused by contact with poorly insulated wires or ungrounded electrical equipment or by being struck by lightning. The severity and effects of electric shock depend mostly on the amount of current passing through the body and the duration of contact.  A slight, harmless shock produces only a jarring or startling sensation. 

Severe shocks produce muscle contractions, which lead to muscular spasms, paralysis, unconsciousness, or death. A fatal electric shock is called electrocution. Burns may occur where the current enters and leaves the body. Though water in a chemically pure form is a weak conductor of electricity, with salts dissolved – it becomes an excellent conductor. 

Mr Saravan, unfortunately died because he tried to be a good samartian and hence must be appreciated. He chose to act and do something while most others would have stayed back in the comfort of their homes.  It is stated that  at Neelangarai, he  went to the Ellaiamman temple to drain the rainwater that had stagnated on the premises. Saravanan was accompanied by his driver Ameen and a relative, Viji. Saravanan stepped on a cable wire while cleaning the debris and stagnated water and was thrown away in the impact. The two others went to his rescue and sustained injuries in the process. Saravanan was rushed to the Government Royapettah Hospital where he was declared brought dead. Makes a sad reading indeed and Mr Saravanan, we mourn your death.

Remember the Kamal starrer, Shankar film ‘Indian” – the storyline was described in two tracks – one that of a small time RTO broker Chandrabose – who is corrupt .... and the other majestic meticulous old man Senapathy who tries to weed out corrupt officials with his varma skills.  Apart from the freedom struggle shown in flashback .... [Senapathy in INA]... there is personal tragedy too.  On a rainy day, there is electricity leakage which is not attended to by officials; Senapathy’s daughter gets electrocuted, a corrupt doctor refuses to attend to the third degree burns resulting in the death of the daughter and the oldman runs pillar to post for obtaining certificate (stoutly refusing to pay illegal amounts).  Senapathy sets to avenge by murder of the doctor in front of television audience………………

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
26th Oct 2014.

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