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Friday, September 19, 2014

Presenting Sept.2014 issue of Bliss - Voice of SYMA

BLISS – the newsletter, the voice of Srinivas Youngmens Association is in your hands.
Click here to read and download : SYMA Bliss Sept. 14

SYMA is wedded to the cause of social service – Educational Assistance has been our preferred field for long. Every children have the right to be educated. Only
education will uplift them to higher echelons.  Decades back, the system of Uniform was introduced to ensure that children do not suffer from any complex and that all those attending a school will look similar without disparity.  Even in this rich metropolis, sadly there are many children who could ill-afford to have proper uniforms. We strongly believe that we can make some difference to the way these unfortunate children attend their school. For over two decades now, we have been providing new uniforms to poor students …. detailed write-up on the Educational Aid Function of SYMA features in this issue.

The issue also details our Medical Camps.

SYMA has been in Press many a times and on 23rd Aug  2014 – The Hindu (Tamil) carried out a detailed article in its 2nd page hailing our efforts and
commitment. The article has reached people far and wide – as we received letters appreciating the good work as also financial assistance (more on this later)….  On 15th Sept. 14  - ‘The Hindu’ [Tamil] edition (3rd page)  had a feature – on the good consequences of their earlier article.  Our special thanks to the Management of The Hindu, Mr K Sribarath and Sri SR Ragunathan for the same.

The modern city famously celebrated 375 years of its creation … and the Q in this issue is on the ‘First Mayor of Madras’…

Do respond with your feedback and thanks to all of you whose support only is ensuring that we are able to continue to serve the Society and make it a better place to live in

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

 [Secretary – SYMA]

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