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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

heroic act of 85 year old women - nabs 2 thieves all alone

She is a 85 year old teacher – being felicitated – not for her service in teaching or social service but for her valour !!!!......

As one opens newspapers, one finds so many news on crime – crime on women, crime on old are seemingly on the rise. In the city, the aged people, especially those living alone are seemingly easy targets. In few instances, the culprit is their own kith and kin, accosting the old for gains – some have been strangled to death – in the pursuit of money. Sad to read...

A recent report suggests that Bangalore ranks first among the four major cities in south India in terms of the number of crimes against women, according to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data for 2013. It ranks third among the 53 mega cities in the country after Delhi and Mumbai. While Thiruvananthapuram had the least in terms of number – it is stated that  Thiruvananthapuram, however, has the highest rate of crime against women. The rate of crime against women means the number of crimes against women per one lakh population of women.

Often, unequal fights are extolled – have read Tamil texts that women of Sangam period were so brave that one chased a tiger with muram (grain pad)......... Read this story in Dinamalar and later saw Bhaskar (photo credits to Hindi of this 85 year old ex-teacher who fought and caught two thieves and how they were made to do sit-up in police custody. 

Reports state that in Ratlam, Madhyapradesh, Police authorities honoured an 85-year-old woman, a former teacher in a government school, for her bravery after she helped them nab two thieves who were attempting to break into her house on Saturday night. The teacher Mrs Premalatha was staying alone in Bank colony in Ratlam – and her four sons are working in Mumbai . According to a report in Bhaskar, on Saturday night, she was sleeping in her house when two young boys tried to sneak in. While they were cutting the grill, the noise woke her up. She saw the duo and charged towards them, splashing a bucket of water. One of the culprits caught Premlata by her hand, however, she managed to hold a stick that was lying nearby and hit both the criminals with it, simultaneously raising an alarm.

Her repeated calls woke up neighbours who immediately informed station road police. Within ten minutes, they reached her house and caught the thieves.  She went to the Police Station identified the criminals and made the robbers to do sit-outs as punishment. 

Appreciating her act of bravery, Madhya Pradesh awarded her Rs.5000/-and a mobile phone.
With regards – S. Sampathkumar

23rd July 2014.

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