Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Holi ...

For a Madrasi [south Indian] … Monday started as normally … but at the MRTS station, perhaps it was bit different – the crowd was much thin…. .. the traffic was felt less at OMR too…

Today is a holiday in Northern part of India and to many offices here too …. the occasion being ‘Holi’ the spring festival commemorating Lord Krishna's play with the gopikas, using herbally enhanced coloured water; ‘Holi’ is known as festival of colours celebrated with pomp across the Northern region and in some parts of the Southern India too. 

Bharat is a vibrant Nation where so many festivals are celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm – this one brings out the vibrancy and promotes vigour and enthusiasm attracting all the people.  Festivals bring joy to our lives and give us an opportunity to celebrate in merriment as well as improve our social life. Holi the name itself brings out so many emotions from within that are unparallel and adds colours to our monotonous life. It is not simply the colour or water that gets sprayed, it is the spirit of celebration. 

In tune with the celebration, Google has this fine doodle at India homepage….. and the one that you saw at the start of the post is from Boston Big pictures on Holi in India

“ ** H a p p y   H o l i ** ”

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

17th Mar 2014.


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