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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

fish as pets .... explosion of fish tanks ... fish everywhere

In Sangam literature, “Neithal” is the landscape of Sea, shore and related things. Water is always an attraction – the sea, the river or the pond (the mightiest, the flowing one or the still water) – in whatever form have their own charm.  Standing near a waterbody watching can be a great stress reliever.  In ponds, the fishes will charm you.  In Aquarium or in a small tank, you can observe them more – the vertebrates swinging their fins are unbridled attraction – whether they get too cramped and feel uneasy would never be known to us though.

Gold fish in a small round bowl looks pretty  pleasing to eyes! ~ whether they also would survive among the others in a tank is not exactly known to me.  Some species of Gold fish and koi are amongst the most common pets of modern aquarium.  Much before the guppies of Kairavini Pushkarini attracted me……. Present day youth may not know that there existed open wells at every house and to control the breeding of mosquitoes, Corporation personnel would visit each house dispensing handful of guppies in to the well.  Those guppies in a ‘horlicks’ bottle looked attractive too.  understand that varieties of Carps including Koi have been domesticated ages ago. Gold fish have been bred  in varied  size, body shape, fin configuration and coloration (various combinations of white, yellow, orange, red, brown, and black are known).

Wandering away, ‘Thanga Meenkal’  (Golden Fish) is a 2013 Indian Tamil drama film written and directed by Ram, directing his second film after Kattradhu Thamizh.  Ram, besides, plays the lead role as well alongside several newcomers. The film grossed average and  was the only Tamil film to be screened at Indian Panorama in International Film Festival of India, IFFI, Goa, 2013.  Have seen in many Tamil movies that villain in anger would break the bowl and fish would be seen struggling on ground .. close-up shot of a goldfish or some other aquarium fish seen dying makes you feel bad !!! – why have such a scene, killing the petty innocent fish !!

Newspaper reports of USA report of a scene that one would expect to see at the movies~ and that occurred  at the Downtown Disney restaurant. Hollywood movies have shown exploding fish tanks…. It is reported that diners at a Florida restaurant got a fishy surprise when a huge aquarium burst open, sending the tanks water gushing across the room and even onto some customers. T-Rex Café in the Downtown Disney entertainment complex in Walt Disney World turned from family-themed fun to outright chaos as the stream of gushing water from the circular tank forced workers to grab nets and empty trash cans in a desperate bid to save the aquarium fish. As employees saved what they could, parents were forced to flee with their no-doubt distressed children from the inundated dinosaur-themed eatery. Workers did what they could to save the many fish that called the tank home. It is believed  that with the help of nets, water-filled trash cans, and quick thinking they were able to save all the poor creatures.

Understand that in UK there is a practice of giving away as prizes the brightly coloured creatures in plastic bags... the goldfish in bags, which often were not treated with that much of excitement by the winning owners. Aquatic enthusiasts were worried that they would not be properly cared for and would end up dying soon of negligence.   But sadly enough, the plans to stop goldfish being given away as fairground prizes were dropped sooner, according to press reports. It was reported that Environment Secretary dropped the ban from the planned Animal Welfare Bill. It was further reported that as a compromise allowing children to take away fish as prizes if they are with someone aged over-16 was thought of, to be agreed.

Not all share the same passion ~ and what is exotic pet for one, may not sound good for other !!

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

19th Mar 2014.

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