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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bangla T20 WC; MH 370; Aam Admi - Indian Elections updates.. !!

In the ICC T20 WC, Zimbabwe won a thriller against Netherlands; Malik Ahsan Ahmad Jamil bowled the last over when Zimbabwe at 134/4 required 7 off 6.  The event filled last over ran thus…. 0; 2; 4; 0; 0(w – run out) – 1 from 1 needed to avoid a Super over….  Jamil to Sibanda – hit high over longon for a stunning six….. in the other match, UAE did play well but lost to Ireland by 21 runs in D/L method.  In a tournament of this proposition, it is only commercial call to telecast the warm-of matches and hence not writing anything on India England match.
Back home, the man once backed to the hilt by the media  is now calling it paid media, despite being favoured wildy -  is now showing them what is to be projected and what is to be shown -  AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal cancelled a public meeting in Chandrapur Lok Sabha constituency citing  ill health, leaving hundreds of enthusiastic farmers disappointed. It is phenomenal rise in Delhi elections, overtaking the agenda of Team Anna’s fight against corruption, but seemingly disintegrating now with verbal jaunts and alliances with people with whom one should not be seen flocking.  Kejri formed a party, opposing the INC but formed Govt taking its help and expectantly had to abdicate power without doing anything.  Soon he was out calling everybody else names targetting Corporates and the paid-media !!
It's the lie in the Aam Aadmi Party satyagraha, and it's been nailed in the Delhi High Court. The Delhi government on Tuesday told the high court that the AAP government did not allocate any funds to finance the Rs 6 crore subsidy that it had announced for those who did not pay their electricity bills from October 2012 to May 2013. The lack of funds means no one will benefit from the scheme. Don't pay your electricity bills, AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal had told Delhi's power consumers as he went about climbing electric poles and getting his pictures taken restoring power connections last year. Over 24,000 didn't, between October 2012 and December 2013 ~ then Kejriwal came to power. In February this year, AAP had announced a reward for these power bill defaulters, declaring that those who did not pay their power bills between October 2012 and April 2013 will have to pay only half the amount. Evidently, it is easier opposing - but difficult when it comes to administering - but those who call themselves 'anarchists' have no qualms... and somebody advising openly advocating defiance – asking them not to pay …… all speak for themselves. !!!!!!!
That is politics as one tries to outsmart another…. The other thing in news is MH 370 - Asian military officials may be staging a mass cover-up over missing flight, because they do not want to expose gaping holes within their countries' air defences, a leading aviation expert has suggested. While it took days for the Malaysian Air Force to report the spotting of the plane;  Thailand's military say they detected a plane at 1.28am, eight minutes after MH370's communications went down, heading towards the Strait but did not share the information because they were not asked for it.
The plausible of the reasons, which perhaps would find readymade acceptance is that the flight MH 370  was in trouble and simply heading for the nearest safe airport when it turned off-course, according to a veteran pilot who predicts, in a viral online post, that the wreckage will be discovered somewhere west of the Maldives today. Chris Goodfellow, a Canadian pilot with 20 years experience, has hailed captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah a hero, not a hijacker, in his fascinating explanation, which claims to debunks all theories about the fate of the missing jet. He insists the only reasonable scenario is that a fire broke out aboard the plane and Shah was doing exactly what he needed to do in an emergency - get the plane to the nearest airport as soon as possible.

In all War and politics, it is the truth that is the worst suffer….. to sign off, read today that 10 people working for one of Europe's largest telecom firms in France have committed suicide in the past three months for reasons ‘explicitly related’ to their jobs. Orange France, a company also present in the UK, is notorious for its tough approach to customer services as well as their employees. Staff working in call centres have previously complained about a 'bullying culture' and the firm, including having to ask permission to go to the bathroom. Now it is in wrong reasons for some staff complain that the bullying and stress are so high, that dozens are depressed and are resorting to putting an  end to their lives on their own. 

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

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