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Monday, January 20, 2014

raids, protests and more at Delhi ~ AAP's governance

The Shankar directed – Arjun starrer ‘Mudhalvan’ ~ theme of  ‘Oru naal Mudhalvan’ (Chief Minister for One day)….was a great hit and was indeed an enjoyable movie by most counts with inspirational dialogues of our beloved Sujatha. Arjun played the leadrole of Pughazendi, an ambitious TV journalist with Vadivelu as the camera person – Raghuvaran as the CM.  In the pivotal portion was the interview of Pugazh with CM posing tough questions. Unable to take them, CM teases with a poser – stating that its toughness would be understood only by those who underwent the ordeal and asks whether he can take the seat and run the administration – even for a day ?

From the day, the State was renamed as Tamil Nadu on 14th Jan 1969 – the State has had Dravidian parties (DMK and ADMK) ruling.  The shortest period of rule was 24 days by Mrs. Janaki Ramachandran …… those following TN politics know it too well ~ but for a brief tenure of Mr O Panneer Selvam – all other CMs have had the silverscreen platform….still the great actor Sivaji Ganesan failed to make his mark …. Rajni never plunged – though Vijaykant could succeed in a big way in the Assembly elections… succeeding in politics is too difficulty and for those who have tasted success – governance may be much more difficult !!!

Ruling is no thrill – providing governance, good governance at that is not entirely about processes – it is more of decisions and implementations – that too balancing the available resources and providing what is required by the people ….it is of taking correct decisions at right time !!..  The concept of "good governance" often emerges as a model to compare ineffective economies or political bodies with viable economies and political bodies. Those at the helm have the responsibility of meeting the needs of the people … the buck hast to stop somewhere – and one cannot keep on point out fingers at somebody else for one’s failure.   

In Delhi we have seen a wave – a popular change – ruling Congress party swept out of power – it was a great victory for the newly formed Aam Admi Party – they did not get the full mandate – they were not the toppers – still they got the chance to rule – ironically with the very support of the party whom they fought to conquer.  AAP was formed on the basis of the anti-corruption movement led by Anna Hazare. It started as a one-trick pony that caught the imagination of the people. The Delhi elections happened soon, and AAP rode the tide to near-victory. In the excitement for quick change and fresh faces, propelled by the immense dissatisfaction with the Congress, AAP was not examined critically. Issues other than corruption were largely ignored. This suited AAP since they needed the support of multiple segments of people.  Most supports simply assumed that it is a simple party of common people that is against corruption and would provide clean and better governance.

Within  a few days of rule – there are conflicts of ideology and implementation. The way the first two decisions about water and power were made AAP has raised serious issues about its ideology and politics ~ and there was the amateur talk of asking people to provide proof to enable their taking action against corruption… Govt is expected to uphold law and order… and simple gaffe at media would not work.  Now comes another political gaffe – the rift Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the Delhi police – the crevice is  getting wider.  In a dramatic move, Kejriwal is planning to hold a dharna outside the Home Ministry, insisting that four police officers who refused to arrest some Ugandan nationals without a warrant on the orders of law minister Somnath Bharti are immediately suspended.  The CM has now accused the police of 'playing politics' by warning him of an Indian Mujahideen threat to his life.

In a move that would do credit to none, the Delhi Police registered First Information Report (FIR) against unknown people, following a complaint by a Ugandan woman after Aam Aadmi Party's 'midnight raid' at her house on Wednesday night. Delhi's Law Minister Somnath Bharti, who is at the centre of the controversy, has not been named in the FIR. The woman, in her complaint filed in the Saket court on Saturday, has alleged that a group of people from a political party forcibly entered her house in south Delhi and molested her. She also alleged that the accused threatened her to leave the premises where she has been residing in. While she didn't name any individual or a political party, she told the court that she could identify the men. The court then ordered the police to lodge an FIR and report back to it on the matter on February 14.

Mr Bharti, who has been heavily slammed for what many described as vigilantism in the form of the raid, denied any knowledge of an FIR. Mr Bharti had, aided by some residents and supporters, accosted four women from Uganda during the raid on a building in Khirki Extension, which is in his constituency in south Delhi. reports suggest that at least two were allegedly forced to go to hospital and undergo drug tests. The minister justified raid saying drugs and sex were allegedly being trafficked there. The actions of the Minister and his volunteers have come under scathing criticism.  To most, Bharti's raids are both objectionable and a significant overreach of the law.

Today comes the news that Arvind Kejriwal and his ministers will defy prohibitory orders today and sit on dharna outside Union home ministry seeking suspension of four Delhi Police cops.  There is criticism by the Press which had all along backed him to the hilt that Delhi Chief Minster does not know the difference between the role of a CM, and a minister because he has stepped out with the idea of a revolution.  Four Metro stations - Patel Chowk, Central Secretariat, Udyog Bhawan and Race Course - will remain closed from 9am to 1pm today in view of the protest. The sit-in protest is unprecedented ~ what the Delhi CM & Law Minister is trying to protect and whom are they fighting against ?  - they are the rulers of the State Govt and this is providing another unpleasant precedence.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

20th Jan 2o14.

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