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Friday, July 12, 2013

~ the way men do things .... and get admonished by women.... !!

Made out from something circulating on the net ~ often there are messages of how [actually how long] women would select sarees [dress material] and after 3 hours would eventually reel out reasons to justify why those best pieces that were selected by them are not required – as they have the same colour, shade and more… then they would march on to the next shop much to the dismay of that hapless spouse – who would now start calculating how long he will have to wait (im)patiently without showing emotions. You might feel that the sales guy is looking at wonder-struck, how patiently you are managing……..

Often one would be presented with a choice – wife would ask, which of the two is better – the best answer is ‘both suits you so well’ – it sure would burn a hole in your pocket but for the cost of buying peace ~ everythingelse does not matter…..  Here is something on what men do…. [again circulated by a man] – you can sure add more to the list by your experience…

1)  when somebody asks ‘what the time is’ – men tell it looking it from the mobile gadget rather than looking at their watch…
2)  when holding a magazine with photo of a glam girl on cover [only holding the magazine is when – all magazines would only have a girl on cover] – draw a mush to that girl……...
3) when impatient or happy – keep throwing fruits like apple, orange, sweet lime etc.,  [would drop on most occasions is another thing …… afterall law of gravity acts more than ability to catch] .
4)  when they have a programme at 9 … would run for bathing at 8.50 [would however claim that men would be ready in 5 minutes]
5)  often stroll out in the garb of visiting friends….. when out, would forget everything and would return only wife or mother calls them….
6)  cannot watch a Cricket match silently … would keep remarking  loudly ‘don’t bowl on the leg side’; ‘rotate the strike’ – ‘there is no 3rd man – try playing over the slip’ – ‘bowl a bouncer’ and more expert opinions
7)  after every match – try to display their knowledge by telling every other person they meet telling that the match could have easily won, if only…………….
8)  when sent out on a mission to buy something … sure would forget that … [however would lie stating that the shop was closed; was too crowded or something else] – anyway women do not see reason and men do not act with reason… !!
9)  every now and then talk of fitness and importance of healthy diet – would start doing ‘walking, jogging, exercising, yoga’ etc., - all but for the first week, which would taper off and in a few weeks time, will restart this again
10) some may not even know  which standard their children are studying and when asked to oversee the homework would either dodge or dose off….

Life often poses more serious troubles and people are so stressed at work that they don’t find time to assist or involve in any simple mundane household chores

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.

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